Online Teaching Degree Programs

Teaching is a time-honored profession and those called to the field of education understand the importance of having skilled instructors that love their jobs. Many teachers eventually choose to go into more administrative roles or even specialized teaching positions, however, and for these an online teaching degree can be beneficial.

Types of Teaching Degrees

A Bachelor of Science in Education is one of the most popular online teaching degrees as it prepares students to become instructors in elementary, middle, and high school settings. It takes about 4-5 years to complete.

The Master of Education in Elementary Education is designed for those that already hold a bachelor’s degree but want to work with children in the grade K-8 setting and need a teaching certificate.

Specialized teaching degrees can offer higher salaries and a diverse job market, especially since some areas of teaching do not attract as many instructors as others. More online degree programs are increasingly offering specialized areas of online teaching degree programs.

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Online Teaching Certificate programs are available to graduates, professionals, and post-doctoral candidates so that they can extend their current skill set and make themselves more marketable. Teachers that already hold a bachelor’s degree can seek teacher certification in a different state which is usually necessary for them to find employment there. Teaching Certificate, particularly when it concerns specialties and more specialized areas of interest. Some of the options include:

If you are already in possession of a teaching degree you might want to consider an advanced degree in the education field. This can help you move up to a position with higher earning potential. Some teachers also decide to later on go into counseling or administrative positions or even earn their principalship.


A traditional teaching degree usually takes about 4-5 years to complete. To earn a bachelor’s degree online you will need either a high school diploma or a GED. To get a specialized degree online it doesn’t usually take as long and can be as few as 2 years.

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A Bachelor of Science in Education helps students prepare for teacher licensure and offers them skills that will allow them to become valuable educators. Aside from classroom work, students must also go through a student teaching process that will give them hands-on experience.

If you are seeking one of the online teaching degrees then it is essential that you have access to a classroom setting in which you can complete your student teaching and any other requirements that your school sets forth.

Employment Opportunities

There is always going to be a demand for good teachers and an online teaching degree can help fill the needs of many areas that have a shortage of teachers. At high school level, teachers that decide to go into specific subject areas such as English, Science, Social Studies, or Math can have a particularly good chance of finding employment since although a teacher certified in K-12 can still usually teach those subject areas, one with a degree in that area might have an advantage.

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Teachers with an advanced online teaching degree might also find jobs in Special Education, English as a Second Language (ESL), Student Affairs, Adult Education, Gifted & Talented Education, and School Administration. Teachers can find employment in private schools, public schools, and even small colleges and universities. There are also teaching positions available overseas at American schools, in jails and prisons, and for adult education services.