Learn How to Prepare for Online College Classes & Courses

Online classes are not for everyone. Some are more successful in traditional face to face classrooms. It is recommended that early on you evaluate yourself as a student to determine if it is right for you. Google learning styles or use the resources given to you by your college. Sometimes, your school will provide questionnaires or survey.

Online College Classes & Technology Issues

Settle your technology issues prior to the start of your online college class. When you have a problem, contact the Online Help Desk for assistance, they will ask for your name, how to contact you, your class, your student ID, and very specifically what your problem is and what you have done to try and deal with it.

Prepare for your Online College Classes

Be familiar and get comfortable with online learning as soon as possible before the course starts. Many schools offer video tutorials and help links to help this process go by faster.

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Make time to be able to navigate easily through the online class.Practice logging in, know how to send and receive emails, learn how to post on discussion boards, complete quizzes and exams, submit your assignments in the submission boxes, open learning modules, etc.

If you have any questions, ask your college’s help desk or e-mail the teacher. Both will be happy to assist you, just explain it is your first online college class.

For the most part, they are simple to use – simple enough for high school, even junior high students to go through the course successfully.

Remember the process of becoming familiar with the site is actually the easiest part of the class. The real challenge is the workload.