Why Choose an Online School?

Online schools or e-learning has become increasingly popular in recent years.

In addition to online schools, many traditional colleges and universities are offering online courses and in some cases offer degrees achieved through online courses.

Online schools, sometimes referred to as e-learning or distance learning, offer courses, certificate courses, Associates degrees and Bachelor’s degrees in almost any topic.

Although the programs are not as extensive, graduate degrees and even doctorate degrees are offered by some online schools.

Time Flexibility

Students are turning to online schools to earn their degrees because it provides them with the flexibility to fit their education needs around their personal commitments.

It works well for returning students wishing to finish their degrees, for students who work full or part-time and for adult students.

Online school’s independent study atmosphere allows the student freedom and flexibility to study and learn at their own pace moving as quickly or slowly as they choose.

Location Flexibility

You can take your course anywhere you want to because all you need other than materials required for the course, is a computer and an internet connection.

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You can be on your vacation, traveling for business or at home in your pjs and be attending a class online.

For busy students the online school option works well in their pursuit of a degree.

Different kinds of online schools

Online schools are traditional colleges and universities with an online presence and online schools that were created primarily to serve the growing demand for distance learning which grew exponentially in the 1990s with the advent of the Internet.

1. Traditional colleges and universities offer courses and degree programs through their online programs.

You may take certain courses online to fulfill your college degree in addition to attending other traditional classroom type courses.

These traditional colleges and universities also offer online only degree programs.

Though their degree programs are not as extensive as classroom courses, these programs allow you to complete your degree right from your own computer on your own time.

2. Online schools such as the University of Phoenix or Kaplan University are online schools that may or may not have a campus.

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Most courses can be taken online with few exceptions where you may have to attend a class at a physical campus.

These online schools did not start from a traditional college or university.

These online school’s popularity stemmed from their successes in producing online continuing education courses and masters degree programs in which busy professionals can receive their certifications or MBAs at their own pace.


You may take courses online independently and not be working towards a degree.

Some big name universities even offer free online courses and not receive college credit. It’s a great way to learn new things or hone in on some subjects.

If you’re working towards a degree, take a close look to see whether these course credits qualify.

Degree programs

Online schools will offer many degree programs in various topics. Schools course requirements vary from one school to another.

Some traditional school may require students to complete general education requirements and as an example, would require you to take a physical education class at a traditional school.

Carefully evaluate the degree requirements to determine how much, if any traditional classroom courses are required. If they are required check to see where those physical classroom courses be taken.

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Note: Some online school have not yet been accredited, so pay close attention to what degree you’re after and whether or not the school has their proper accreditation.

Choosing an online school for a degree is appealing for many because of the flexibility it affords it’s students whether they’re entering college for the first time or returning to school after being away in the real world for some time.

The increased popularity of online schools is reflected in the extensive number of degrees offered by online schools.

Likewise, there’s an increasing number of traditional schools that offer online degree courses as well as more new online schools offering degree programs in answer to the growing demand.