Life as a Working Student

Many college students hold jobs in addition to being full-time students. In fact, you may find that the majority of people that you meet at your university hold jobs outside of school. Whether or not you have to get a job may depend on your family’s financial situation, including how much you may have worked and saved during high school.

What to Consider?

While making extra money is an inviting prospect, that desire has to be moderated with a certain amount of realism.

Work and Study Time

Whether or not they want to admit it, many students simply do not have time for a job. Because every student’s major, class load, and time required to study is different, it is difficult to develop any guidelines for how much time can be afforded to work.

Some students need to spend very little time studying—others need to spend several hours each day. Holding a job, regardless of weekly hours, will cut into studying time. Whether or not the extra money is worth the reduced studying time is a decision that every student will have to make for him or herself.

Social Life

Another important consideration when thinking about getting a job is your social life. College is a time when life-long friends are made; if a student spends all of their free time working, they will likely not have a very active social life.

While it’s easy to prioritize money ahead of being social, students need to remember that having fun and being able to relax are both very important aspects of having a successful college experience.

The Benefits

Despite the above warnings, having a job in college can be a very rewarding experience.

Many employers look to hire college students because it can be cheaper than hiring graduates. This means that there are ample employment opportunities, especially near college campuses. Searching for a job can be a great opportunity to try something that you’ve never done before and to meet people that you may not have otherwise.

Although the jobs held by college students often have very high turnover rates, it’s possible that you may find a long-term position that can develop into a career. Holding a job related to the field that you’re studying is also a great way to develop your education and learn about the real-life tasks that someone who works in your field has to perform every day.

Final Words

Although having a job while attending college can be taxing, it’s a great way to learn new things, meet new people and develop time management skills that you’ll use for the rest of your life.

If you decide that holding a job is the right decision for you, you’ll find plenty of resources around campus to assist you in finding employment. Check local newspapers and websites (including school newspapers and websites) to find jobs that appeal to your specific tastes.

Above all else, don’t forget to have fun—both at work and outside of it.

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