10 Things to Take to Your Dorm Room

Most of us have had many instances when we have packed too many things for a vacation or short trip but few when we have packed too few. Going to college is much the same; the tendency will be for students to pack too many things for their dorm room and first year away.

The trick, then, will be to only pick those items that are absolutely necessary, and leave the rest at home.

1. Clothes

It is no surprise that the bulk of what is taken to school will be spent packing clothing. And this is also the first area that students overdo it. They often pack their whole wardrobe, when going away is a chance to go through one’s clothes and really ask if it gets worn frequently.

Will all that room in packing and in the dorm be worth devoting to something that gets worn only a few times?

Students should consult the locals about the temperature and level of formality on campus, at parties, in conferences and the situations they might be at, so they can conservatively pick a number of outfits for each occasion they might find themselves, but perhaps the ski or scuba gear or formal attire can get left with our senior year jersey.

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2. Computer

What student these days, with the current price of laptops, wouldn’t find a laptop computer an indispensable and inexpensive resource to being able to augment their ability to work from home, campus, and all places in between, and to use the resources of the internet and the campus network in all studies?

These days three hundred dollars is enough to do it, so there is no reason to hold back.

3. Other educational resources

Students, in addition to their computer, will want to invest in a core of other learning resources according to their field.

The math and science majors will want a good scientific calculator as well as any computer programs compatible with their study, and the letters majors will want good dictionaries and core literary works. Music and arts majors will want to invest perhaps in a better instrument or another medium to bring their work to the next level.

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4. Way to snack on the go

Whether it is a mini-microwave, teapot or hot plate, students should consider ways to fix their favorite snacks as comfort pleasures in their rooms, and not wait for cafeteria hours or expensive cafeteria restaurants to serve them.

5. Favorite piece of furniture from home

Depending on the room, a favorite desk or rocking chair may be just the thing to make a student want to spend the necessary time in their room getting their studies done.

6. Favorite comforter or pillow

Students will have to get used to the beds, but having home’s touch is easier to come by if there is just the smallest token of familiarity in a student’s private space.

7. A friend or acquaintance

I had my high school best friend as my roommate and what a difference it made! I had my boyfriend along too, and it banished loneliness.

8. Names of professional contacts

It will be useful to contact prior to your arrival some professors or other people in your field that can give you guidance on what might be a different situation than you are used to or expecting.

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9. All the money you can find

The first week of university will be one of the most expensive in your life, and a lot of the expenses aren’t anticipated. Plan to spend more than you had planned.

10. A plan to return home

The open ticket or vehicle to get back for holidays will do much to banish loneliness and allow a student just that more ability to concentrate on student matters at hand.