6 Tips to Make Your Room More Conducive to Studying

Last updated on November 27, 2017

So you have a couple hours before dinner and you are bored out of your mind in your room. You have a paper due at eight the next morning and if you try to pull an all-nighter you are afraid you might miss the class entirely. You just can’t bring yourself to study, though.

Does this sound like you? If it does we have six tips for how to make your room just a little more conducive to studying.

1. Clean off your desk

When your desk is covered in all sorts of random pieces of paper and beverage containers with barely enough space for you to use you computer, much less lay down a notebook to do some homework, you have a problem. Just remember that when you put all of that same stuff in your drawers you don’t have to look at it and it doesn’t take up valuable desktop space. If your drawers are full try grocery crates.

2. Putting on beat

Rage metal is probably not the best thing to listen to while you are studying, save it for when you wind down after you finish. While you study put on something more mellow and relaxing, like Modest Mouse’s the Moon and Antarctica. Mozart or Rachmaninoff would also be good choices for study tunes.

3. Is your room really the best place to study?

If you live in the dorms and you roommate isn’t exactly the most civilized of people, then you may be better off studying in the library. That also holds true if your hall isn’t exactly famous for being quiet and studious.

4. Let there be light

You can’t see if its dark. Make sure that your study area is sufficiently lit. Then make it a little brighter.

5. Turn off the computer

If you are working on homework that doesn’t require the use of your computer, then turn it off or lock it with a password so you have to do just a little bit more work before you can shift your focus from the task at hand to randomly browse the internet for hours before you realize you haven’t done anything.

6. Just do it

Instead of waiting until the deadline do your assignments as soon as you can after you get them. It saves a lot of potential stress and frees up your schedule for when you might really need the time.


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