How to Save Money on College Clothes

As college approaches, there are many things running through a student’s mind:

What will my classes be like? What should I pack? Is my roommate going to be annoying? And, most importantly: What am I going to wear?! Nudity is not appreciated in most social settings, so clothing choices are important.

As a college student, you want to impress your peers, but you don’t want to drain your bank account. But trust me, there are ways to get some new college outfits – and save money doing it.

Secondhand Stores

When someone mentions a secondhand store, many people noticeably cringe. Why?

They think of these money-saving stores as run-down buildings full of ugly, 80s style clothing smelling of moth balls. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Yes, there ARE some less-than-fashionable clothing options there. But if you actually look through the racks, you can find cute – and often name brand – clothing for very cheap prices!

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Secondhand stores are also great for sprucing up your dorm room. Why not look at small appliances and decorations while you’re there?

Consignment Stores

Consignment stores have been around for ages, but they have been growing in popularity among the younger generations recently.

Many towns offer some sort of consignment store aimed towards teenagers and young adults. They often carry name brand clothing in quality condition for way cheaper than you could find in a store. Not only that, but they carry purses, bags, shoes, and accessories too!

When you get sick of wearing your current wardrobe, you can head on over to your local consignment store and sell most of your items for cash!


Of course, sales are another way to save yourself some money. If you check the advertisements in your local paper, especially on Sundays, you can find some great deals! They may not save you the most money, but you’ll feel like you’re treating yourself, and you’ll look stylish in your new, less-than-regularly-priced clothing.

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Yard Sales

An excellent way to find new college clothing is by checking out local yard sales on the weekend. Some yard sales are more expensive than others, but on average, clothing is anywhere from $0.25 to $3.00 a piece.

You can find name brand clothing, fashionable clothing, and trendy work clothing by searching around. However, yard sales fade out as the weather gets cooler, so try to shop at yard sales during the summer too!

Clothes Swap

If you live in one of your campus dorm buildings, why not organize a clothes swap for your floor? Invite people to bring any clothing they no longer want and spend time swapping and haggling. You can end up with some stylish looks without spending a dime!

Final Word

It’s not difficult to find ways to save money on a new college wardrobe. If you get creative, search around town, and even just around your dorm building, you can end up with new outfits without emptying your wallet.

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Don’t waste all your money on clothes at the mall. Save that for when you’re out of school, making mounds of money as a doctor, or lawyer, or CEO…