College: Steering Clear of Spring Fever

Springtime has arrived, although we can’t all be lucky enough to be studying in California with the waves and sunshine. Spring fever is in the air, no matter where you’re located. Summer is so close but you’ve still got loads of papers to write, finals to prepare for and plans for summer to finalize. How to keep spring fever at bay?

Make up a schedule

Yes it’s a boring task, but by making a set schedule for yourself it will provide direction and structure when you need it most. Draft how you’ll spend your week, when you attend classes, how long to work on assignments and anything else that’s important. By giving yourself a flow for the day you might be surprised how well it helps with the tasks being followed through. A tough thing when spring fever is dominating campus.

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Follow the schedule!

It’s pointless to spend time on designing a project you’re not going to use. It might take a week or two in getting the routine down, but if you follow and stick with your plans, you’ll reap the rewards! Sure there are bound to be last minute things that will require flexibility, but you’re in college and that is something college students are excellent at. The point we’re trying to make is that if you want to continue earning those grades you deserve, you can’t just toss everything out the window and go play in the sunshine until finals week.

Make time for fun

It can’t all be work, work, and more work, there’s got to be some fun involved or you’ll explode! What’s important is to regulate it. Are your friends going to see the latest blockbuster? Go ahead, but afterwards don’t head over to the bar or to a friend’s house. If you’ve got a test or assignment deadline coming up, it’s a good idea to head home and spend some time staying on top on your work. If you finish early you can always meet up with them later. By giving yourself rewards when studying, it will help make the tasks ahead less daunting and you more productive.

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Make a countdown

Remember those paper chain countdowns you made in elementary school? Well they’re still fun to make and even more fun to rip apart! What better way to reuse old paper from essay’s of the past terms? As the chain gets smaller and smaller, it gives you a focus for your excitement and end goals. It’s always nice to have a visual for your hard work and the big summer payoff.

In the end it’s really up to you, but you are strong enough to steer clear of spring fever! Now if only getting ready for the fall was as easy….