Tips on Packing for College

Going to college often means deciding what to pack. Packing is big business, and it is something that should not be wasted. Generally speaking, the best way to be prepared for the first day of classes is planning ahead and packing only what you need.

One problem with deciding what students want to bring to their dorm room is taking things they do not need. They probably don’t need an extra TV set if their roommates are willing to share one. But by gathering all the materials that you use everyday along with a few extras like photographs of your family and friends, you can still make your dorm room look like your bedroom at home. Not procrastinating helps, too, since stocking up can require so much time.

Using time wisely

Be sure you use plenty of time to move into your dorm. Many colleges allow students to move back into their dorms and campus apartments a couple of weeks before classes begin. If you feel like you need to make plans to move as soon as possible, do so. Do not wait until the last minute to box your belongings, because by doing so you could create too much stress.

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Packing items

Take only the things you need and want. In this case, take along belongings that will make you feel at home. Search for any unused boxes that are sturdy and large enough to place your items in. Shoe boxes, for example, are excellent for entertainment accessories: CDs, DVDs, video games, remotes, etc. Computers and television sets may not require boxes; however, it is still recommended to find a good box to place them in to protect them from scratches.

Using a good marker, label the boxes in each category you want to fill: Books, entertainment, toiletries, and so on. For clothing, use a hamper that is usually about two feet in height. Be sure that you cover the clothes with a large garbage bag to protect them from dust and other small air particles. If a hamper is unavailable, just use the bag itself. Tie the bag tightly, and use heavy-duty tape to close the boxes’ lids securely shut.

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Loading your vehicle

Depending on how much you take along with you, it may be necessary to make more than two trips back and forth between your home and the campus. A well-secured pick-up truck or van is an excellent idea for transporting your items. Vans work, too. Generally, placing the heaviest items inside first is the best way to fit them in the vehicle of your choice.

If you are using a four-door car, try to place the biggest boxes in its trunk. Be sure that you clear the trunk to gain more room. If you decide to place them in the backseat of your car, you can probably still be able to squeeze them inside. But be careful as you do it, so you won’t overload them and have them risk falling onto the ground after reopening the doors. Finally, use a sturdy string to tie the trunk shut as much as possible.

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By following these steps, you can become less stressed while packing up for college. Don’t rush while doing so, because that may risk injuries. It does take a lot of work, but loading up for college may only be done a couple of times in a year.