Dorm Decoration Tips for a College Student’s Dorm Room

A college dorm may feel like a bunker when you first move in, but college students can survive if they add dorm room decorations that make it feel more like home, and use dorm room organization products to help optimize the space. By following our dorm room decoration tips, students should be able to transform their room into a place they would like to live.

Dorm room decoration tips and ideas

Find out what dorm room decorations your roommate is going to bring, and what types of decor they like. Call your roommate ahead of time in the summer before your move in. Some students get whatever their parents buy them, this is fine, but try to find out what colors you both like so you can coordinate the dorm room decorations so colors and styles don’t clash. This way you can get along with your dorm room roommate and avoid problems later in the school year. Here are a few ideas for decorating a college dorm room: Some students prefer their dorm room to have unique items, others prefer to have everything match and look like it was all ordered from one catalog. If you are looking for unique items, eBay is a good place to start. If you spend some time and search, you can find some inexpensive unique items such as bomb shelter signs, beer signs, neon lights, rare and college posters, wall tapestries, and much more.

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Dorm room wall decorations

Posters, pictures, and tapestries all fit in this category. Posters are very common and a way college students express themselves in their dorm room. Decorations such as pictures typically consist of a large collage of high school friends, prom pictures, and other friends. Try not to have this take up large sections of your dorm room because they tend to not look nice. A few framed pictures here and there are all you really need. Tapestries are a cheap way to cover a big wall, and make the room feel less like an insane asylum.

Dorm room furniture decorations

Dorm room furniture is another way to decorate a college dorm room. Our college dorm room furniture section has more information about decorating your dorm room with furniture for not a lot of money.