Find Cheap Used & New Furniture for a College Dorm Room

Used college dorm room furniture

If you are looking for furniture or bigger items to decorate your dorm room, the best thing to do is try to find local yard sales near your college. Look in the local paper classifieds section. Some old people have some neat things that may compliment your room decor and will not be that expensive. Remember to try to negotiate a better price than what they things are listed for, most people are just trying to get rid of stuff, so you can save even more by offering less.

Craigslist is another option to find good used college dorm room furniture for cheap. People usually put their furniture up on Craigs list when they are moving and need to get rid of furniture fast. This is a huge advantage for you, because as long as you can take it away right away, they are willing to negotiate.

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New college dorm room furniture

If you must buy new furniture to decorate your dorm room, IKEA is a good place to start, the furniture pieces come apart and you put it together when you get it to your dorm room. This allows you to fit furniture such as small couches or chairs in your dorm room you might not be able to fit through the doorway. Because the furniture is not assembled when you buy it, it cuts down on costs so the furniture is typically cheaper than buying pre-assembled furniture. Another benefit is much of the furniture comes in different colors to match your other dorm room decorations. IKEA also has some really good space saving items that can help you and your roommate stay organized and use dorm room space efficiently. This will help you save money and have nice college dorm room furniture.