How to Loft a Dorm Bed? A Straightforward Guide

Dorm beds have become the familiar furniture for universities’ dorms and college students. They help the small dorm rooms maximize the space and bring more comfort to students’ lives.

So, how to loft a dorm bed? If you are thinking of installing a dorm bed, don’t skip this instruction. I will help you arrange your dorm bed nicely with this simple step-by-step guide.

How to Loft a Dorm Bed with 5 Steps?

The most common method for lofting dorm beds is using a lofting kit. Therefore, you need to ensure that your dorm bed can connect with the kit you use. It will make the whole process much simpler to carry out.

Plus, it would be best to ask for one friend or roommate to help you. With two people, you can save a lot of time and effort in lofting the bed. Now, follow each step carefully to create your ideal sleeping bed.

Step 1: Purchase A Lofting Kit

There are two popular products to assist you in this task: a lofting kit or a bed riser. Both products are available on online sales websites at affordable prices.

However, there are numerous types of lofting kits on the market. You must ensure that the kit suits your dorm bed’s design and material. Pay attention to how high the kit can lift to achieve your favorite height.

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You need a lofting kit for this task

Step 2: Set Up The Bed

First, remove the mattress on your dorm bed and clean the built-up dust underneath. If the mattress is heavy, ask another person to assist you in lifting it.

Be careful that the bed frame may fall out when you remove the mattress. Also, your mattress can get dirty if you place it on the floor. I recommend you put it on a bedsheet or a big plastic sheet.

If your dorm bed is in the corner, move it to the middle of the room. You will get more space to handle all the bed’s angles comfortably.

Step 3: Install The Lofting Pegs

The next step is to connect the lofting pegs with your bed’s frame legs. This process may vary depending on the type of lofting kit you use.

For instance, the leg extensions of a kit will fit the bed legs precisely. Meanwhile, a bed riser can accommodate a wide variety of dorm bed sizes. Therefore, you need to tighten the pegs after installing them.

The overall process is pretty simple. Your goal is to extend the bed frame legs with these lofting pegs. After connecting all the pegs, tighten the screws to secure their positions.

Step 4: Test The Bed’s Strength

Now, try applying some mild to medium pressure on the lofted bed. This step helps you check its sturdiness and prevent weak connections. The bed may break and cause injuries if you don’t loft it correctly.

If you touch the bed and it feels wobbly, try retightening the screws. If it doesn’t work, you should remove the lofting pegs and reinstall them again.

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Put the mattress back

Step 5: Retest One Last Time

Now, turn your dorm bed upright and retest its durability for one last time. You can place the mattress on the bed and try lying on it. When the bed feels sturdy and secure, you have lifted your bed successfully.

Should You Loft Your Dorm Bed?

Yes. You should loft your dorm bed because limited space can increase your stress level and make you feel unhappy. Meanwhile, students need to store a lot of items and furniture in a small space of dorm rooms.

So, lofting dorm beds is one of the most brilliant solutions for this problem. It can give you much more available space for entertainment, storage, and study.

How High Can You Loft A Dorm Bed?

The height depends mainly on the size and design of your dorm bed. If you use a conventional lofting kit, it can extend up to 60 inches in height. This height creates enough space underneath the bed for other uses.

For example, you can place a studying desk, clothes, and a mini fridge underneath. Yet, it is not high enough to make you feel uncomfortable.

For these reasons, I recommend you choose between 58 and 60 inches in height. Ensure that your lofted bed is still 33 inches away from the ceiling.

Also, pay attention to the rules of your dormitory and college. There should be regulations about the available height you can loft your bed. These regulations aim at ensuring students’ safety when using lofted dorm beds.

It gives you more freedom of space


What Is The Best Way To Loft A Dorm Bed?

The advisable methods for lofting dorm beds are using a bed riser or a lofting kit. They feature metal extensions that attach to your bed frame legs.

Are Loft Beds Good For College Students?

Lofted dorm beds help students get more storage space to store clothes, items, and furniture. You also get a spacious bunker underneath to study and entertain in your free time.

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Are Lofted Dorm Beds Safe?

Lofted dorm beds are generally safe if you install them correctly. Ensure that you use a high-quality lofting kit produced by a reliable manufacturer. Also, test the bed thoroughly before using it.

How Much Weight Can A College Loft Bed Hold?

The weight capacity of loft beds ranges between 1000 pounds or more. So, they can accommodate one or two people comfortably without weakening.

Also, feel free to put heavy items on the bed as long as it doesn’t exceed the weight limit.

How Do You Avoid Falling Off A Lofted Bed?

Falling from a high loft bed can cause serious injuries and pain. Therefore, you should install the guardrails on the upper bed to avoid accidental falls. The dorm beds are dangerous if they don’t have secure guardrails on the upper side.

Final Thoughts

Lofting your dorm bed can bring extra space to store items and study. It is one of the best ways to take advantage of the little space in your dormitory rooms.

After lofting the bed, remember to test its sturdiness carefully to avoid unwanted accidents. I hope this in-depth instruction can help you.

Thank you for reading!