Top 10 Colleges With The Best Campus Housing

The best part of college often is to escape from your parents’ control and finally have some freedom of your own. But you can’t exactly feel free if you get to school and find out you’re living in a dungeon-esque dormitory that’s dirty and cramped. That kind of puts a damper on all the fun you’ll be having there, right?

So it helps to be living in a comfortable large suite with a roommate who’s never there, and the place is kept immaculately clean by maid services that come once a week. Well, we can’t promise that, but we can create a list of the colleges that have the nicest dorms, where you’ll be spending most of your freshman year (before you move off-campus) studying, fraternizing, whatever.

1. Loyola College of Maryland

Loyola College of Maryland campus housing

The sole amount of closet space at this school can pretty much make any girl with clothes go crazy, seeing as the walk-in space is large enough to create another room of its own.

The campus is gorgeous and far enough away from the hustle and bustle of Baltimore to make the environment quiet and serene. And the location of the dorms, extremely close to buildings where many of your classes will be, allows you to enjoy more of your time lounging instead of running around campus.


2. Mount Holyoke College

Mount Holyoke College Campus housing

The old-school architecture and design of the dorms add character to the living space. Instead of thinking that the age would lead to drawbacks, actually, the older dorms have better locations and have the convenience of a dining room downstairs.

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Just the general homey feel of the dorm encourages bonding between the roommates, and altogether, the quality of the housing results in a more pleasant college experience.


3. Pomona College

Pomona College Campus housing

The appeal of living in California, being surrounded by everything from the mountains to the beach, draws many applications to Pomona. But once you’re in, the life of luxury is right at your fingertips in your dorm room.

The well-kept facilities have pretty much the best location money can buy, and the room/board fees are certainly cheaper than what you would be paying if you weren’t a college student.

So many students, not to mention administrators that live on campus, take advantage of the beautiful nature that is literally just outside their door.


4. George Washington University

george washington university campus housing

The most expensive school in the nation rewards students who choose to attend there a decent living space right in the city. Many of the dorms are converted spaces, such as hotel rooms or apartments. The built-in amenities such as a maid service for certain dorms draws students to live in the dorms more than just one year. But if you had someone cleaning your room once a week, wouldn’t you?

And not to mention that you’re right in the middle of an exciting city with some of the greatest opportunities in front of you to advance your career in unimaginable ways. So why would you want to waste time cleaning your room?


5. Pepperdine University

Pepperdine University campus housing

Hello, it’s Malibu, California. This campus is one of the most beautiful in the nation. You’re minutes away from the beach and the Pacific Ocean.

The atmosphere has been said to be similar to a country club, so even if the dorms were small, you’d be out of them in a second and frolicking on the beach. But, in case the thought of that isn’t appealing to you, don’t fear. Because the dorms aren’t small at all, plus they have beautiful views and are so safe that many students don’t even lock their doors at night.

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And you’ve got a private bathroom and, in some cases, a working gas fireplace. What’s not to love?


6. Smith College

Smith College campus housing

Smith is for students that don’t like to share. The impeccable amenities covering every single dorm, like hardwood floors and large windows, encourage students to spend more times in their rooms. Especially when they have a kitchen staff armed and ready to serve them whenever they decide to head down to the dining room.

And in Massachusetts winters, cozying up in a dining room with a home cooked meal doesn’t sound like such a bad idea.


7. Agnes Scott College

Agnes Scott College Campus housing

The dorms at Agnes Scott, in Decatur, Georgia, have luxuriously high ceilings and spacious layouts. The campus just outside the window is a beautiful, tree-lined estate, with historic architecture and flowers that bloom all year.

The proximity of the campus to Atlanta gives the students a quick getaway whenever they’re feeling sick of all the beauty, and an opportunity for their social life to thrive in the lively city.


8. Miami University

Miami University Campus housing

Located in Oxford, Ohio, and not Miami, Florida, the rural peacefulness here is quite different from the beach and the clubs of the other Miami. The quiet, clean, and comfortable dorms are popular for students and quickly become a social getaway (probably since there’s not much to do in Oxford.)

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Good thing the basements of each dorm are outfitted with study rooms, couches, and TVs. But students shouldn’t stay inside all the time; the small town has plenty to offer as far as atmosphere goes- the dorm windows look out to lush grass and gardens galore.


9. University of California- Los Angeles

University of California Campus housing

The Italian Romanesque architecture of the terra cotta buildings that compose UCLA’s campus encompass the beauty of traditional California architecture. The safe and upscale neighborhood provides and excellent environment for students to live and study.

The dorms being built to house 2,000 students are updated and have many modern amenities. And here’s a rarity- the students rave about the amazing dorm food. Which is probably why more than 90 percent of freshman choose to live on campus.


10. Florida State University

Florida State University campus housing

The word “theme” must be extremely important to Florida State. The themes of the buildings established by the university are castle-like and regal, so, therefore, the architecture is quite unique amongst typical Floridian building styles.

Another common theme is the tropical foliage that is found throughout campus, and the dorms are organized by themes, as in one hall is designated for first years, another for those who wish to be substance-free. This leads to a unity among students who are alike, which seems to result in overall satisfaction with the housing system, including townhouse-style living for upperclassmen.