7 Reasons Why College Is Better Than High School

As you look forward to high school and college, you may dread the idea of four more years of school on top of your high school career.

Is college better than high school? Most people who’ve attended college would say yes.

Have you ever thought about why college is better than high school? There are many reasons, including more freedom and more challenging classes.

1. Freedom to Choose Your Classes

In college, you’re in charge of selecting your own classes. Although you do have to take certain types of classes, you usually have freedom to choose between a number of classes.

For example, you can take any language that the school offers to fulfill a foreign language requirement.

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2. Diverse Social Opportunities

Moving from high school to college will make you a member of a larger student body. Large student bodies are often more diverse. Some of your fellow students may even come from other countries.

Colleges also have plenty of social events throughout the year. You can attend football games, go to a dance or join a club.

3. Experience Life on Your Own

If you choose to live in an on-campus dorm or move to another city to attend college, you’ll get your first taste of freedom from your parents’ rules.

You won’t have anyone to look after you, but you also won’t have to follow someone else’s rules. You can go to bed when you want, eat what you want and watch what you want.

4. Prepare for Your Career

Your high school classes may have given you a taste of what you’d like for a career.

College gives you the chance to discover all of your interests and potential career paths.

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You may start to take classes in one field, such as political science, and discover that you actually want to become a graphic designer.

5. Live Wherever You Want

If you’d like to see what life is like in a new city, college is the perfect opportunity to grant your wish.

When you begin your search for colleges, consider adding some schools in other cities that interest you.

Even if you do attend college in your hometown, you still have the option to live on campus.

6. Motivated Peers

In high school, students are required to attend. Going to college, however, is your choice.

Choosing to attend school can make all the difference in your attitude.

High school students may lack the motivation or interest to even be at class, but most college students have worked hard to earn their place and are inspired to do well.

7. Challenging and Rewarding Classes

Advanced college courses may be more difficult, but the rewards they offer are substantial. You can challenge your brain and expand your knowledge to new heights.

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Taking challenging classes also gives you the building blocks to take even more advanced classes and can help you prepare for the real world.