College Fitness: Walk, Sex, and Alcohol

For all my fellow college friends, how can we stay fit and look good? College fitness is an important aspect in every student’s life. Whether you are living on campus, in the dorm, in the fraternity house, or in apartments nearby, it’s important to stay fit and look good!

With the late night cram sessions and then the all night parties, when do you have time for fitness? Are you busy making new friends, studying and having a good time, but eating bad, drinking and not really dedicating the right amount of time to the gym? Here are some simple ways to stay fit and still have a normal social life.

Like most of us, we don’t have the time to work out or be on a strict diet. The best way to stay fit is to do a few walks per day around campus after every meal. You will be surprised how this will boost your metabolism and improve the functioning of your digestive system.

In fact, you can burn up to 5 calories per minute just by taking a walk! That’s awesome! And another method to burn those calories, is…drum roll…having more sex, not only is it a great stress reliever, but it can also burn up to 67 calories or more in just 15 minutes, and come on 15 minutes, that’s a warm up.

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What makes these calories melt so fast is increasing your heart rate. Just so you know, your heart rate can go up to 120-200 beats per minute in just 5-10 minutes. This is very convenient for everyone, who ever thought sex is that good for your health. Protected sex that is.

Next, try to stay away from fast food with high carbs. Everyone loves them but it can affect the body by tremendously slowing your metabolism and make you weak. Eat food that contains less carbs and with more nutrition plus fiber, especially if you don’t have time to work out. We all know that beer and mix drinks are bad for you but we can try to avoid sugary mixed drinks and go for the light beers.

Beer Carb Comparison Chart


(12 oz serving)

Carbs Beer

(12 oz serving)

Carolina Light 2.0 Coors Keystone Light 5.0
Labatt Sterling 2.5 Amstel Light 5.0
Rhinebecker Extra 2.5 Coors Keystone Premium 5.6
Latrobe Rock Green Light 2.6 Leinenkugel Light 5.7
Michelob Ultra 2.6 Foster’s Fiji Gold 6.0
Coors Aspen Edge 2.6 Beck’s Light 6.0
I.C. Light 2.9 Miller’s Southpaw Light 6.5
Pittsburgh’s Iron City Light 3.0 Edison Light 6.5
Foster’s Carlton LJ 3.0 Bud Light 6.6
Budweiser Select 3.1 Yuengling Light 6.6
Miller Lite 3.2 Busch Light 6.7
Busch Natural Light 3.2 Pabst Stroh Light 7.0
San Mig 3.2 Cooper’s Dry 7.0
Milwaukee’s Best Light 3.5 Pabst Stroh’s Light 7.0
Lion-Nathan XXXX DL Lager 3.5 Miller Genuine Draft Light 7.0
Coastal Light 3.9 Michelob Golden Draft Light 7.0
August Schell Light Beer 4.0 Miller’s High Life Light 7.0
Cooper’s Lite 4.5 Miller’s Hamm’s Special Light 7.3
Coors Light 5.0 Milwaukee’s Best Ice 7.3
Coors Dry 5.0 Straub Light 7.5
Miller’s Meister Brau Light 5.0 Bud Dry 8.0
Corona Light 5.0 Labatt Blue Light 8.0

If you are a social drinker its always best to have at least 8 cups of water per day to avoid kidney stones, toxins, constipation and much more unpleasant situations. You body is made of about 80% water, so it’s always best to keep your body hydrated. If you don’t like drinking water like some people, then top it off with new add-on flavored powders or liquids that are sold in your nearby grocery and now most campus depots stores. There are many selections you can choose that have great taste with no calories or sugar. These are the simple ways to stay fit without over stressing yourself about your health collies. Happy studying and hopefully you will now walk, sex and alcohol the right way.