5 Tips to Master Your Exams

With February coming to an end and March fast approaching, you probably only have two things on your mind.  Spring Break and Midterm Exams.  Unfortunately, exams come before Spring Break, so you have to put the fun aside to study a little bit.

Exams make up the majority of your grades in a class, so it makes sense that you should spend a great deal of time preparing for them.  Here are some study tips to help you excel on your exams.

Start Preparing ASAP

As soon as you get your exam study guide, round up all of your old notes, tests, and quizzes and start studying. For many students, procrastination sets in, and before they know it it’s the night before the exam and they’re not prepared. Don’t let this happen to you. Look over your notes each day after class instead. It is probably the most effective way to prepare for exams, and will help you avoid marathon study sessions.

Forget the All-Night Cram Sessions

Spending three to four hours straight studying during a marathon study session can be very ineffective.  There is only a certain amount of information you can retain in your memory. So chances are, you are going to forget half the material you tried to swallow anyway.

Study in Blocks

This goes along with avoiding long, drawn out study sessions. Instead of reviewing for hours on end, you should break up your studying into sections. A popular method for this is the Pomodoro Technique.  Basically, study for about 30 minutes then take a quick break to let your brain recharge. Repeat this system as necessary.

Study With a Group

There is something about studying with a partner or group that helps you remember information more easily.  Not only do you learn it when your partner is quizzing you, but you benefit from doing the quizzing as well.  If you are unable to meet up with classmates in the library, you could always arrange a study group online using tools like Skype or Facebook.

Review the Morning Before

Of course you shouldn’t only study the morning before; this probably wouldn’t go over so well. However, it is good practice to go over your notes one last time before you head off to that 8am exam. By doing this, the material will be fresh on your mind, and you’ll be ready to go.

Get Started

Now that you have some ideas on how to prepare for your exams, it’s time for you to get started.  You don’t have to use all of theses tips to do great on your midterms, but by making a plan and sticking to it, you will definitely see improvements on your test scores.  Whether it be studying in blocks, or studying with a partner, find a technique that works for you.  Believe me, going into an exam 100% prepared feels a whole lot better than sitting at your desk worrying if you studied enough.

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