Considering an MBA Online

An MBA degree stands for Master of Business Administration. Just like with any master’s degree in the arts or science, an MBA is the first level of graduate degree business students can earn. An MBA takes two years to complete and is offered at many public and private colleges and universities through the U.S.

The MBA degree is one of the most common graduate degrees pursued by business students since it opens up a variety of career opportunities in business management. Many prestigious companies will not even hire graduates who do not have an MBA degree, so it is worth pursuing if you desire a career in the business world.

If you are an independent learner and enjoy online studies, an online MBA program not only is feasible but is a widely available option.

MBA students are often working adults, so being able to earn a degree through web-based classes is ideal for business professionals who don’t want to give up positions that provide valuable experience.

MBAs are available online through many notable colleges and universities, but before you enroll make sure the program holds business-specific accreditation. The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) is the accrediting body for MBA programs around the world, including MBA from IGNOU.

To ensure you are receiving a quality education that future employers will recognize, you should ensure your school has passed the comprehensive evaluation of AACSB accreditors.

Types of Online MBA Concentrations

The MBA is a degree that allows business professionals to choose from several specializations. These niche specializations make you more competitive if you know what area of business you’d like to pursue. Explore the most common types of MBA degrees below:


The concentration in accounting is ideal for students who want to pursue advanced careers in the accounting field. Accounting MBA programs teach students accounting theory and practice in areas including taxation, managerial accounting, and forensic accounting, among other areas.

You should pursue this degree if you want to work in government, corporate, or business accounting.

Analytics and information management

The analytics and information management MBA concentration is best for students who want to gain in-depth knowledge of information and systems management. Students who pursue this MBA degree can anticipate learning about data analysis, information security, and quality management.

You should choose this type of MBA degree if you want to pursue a career in database management, information systems administration, or Internet security.


The entrepreneurship MBA concentration is designed for students who want to own and operate their own business or take on a leadership position within an organization. MBA programs concentrating in entrepreneurship teach students about business decision making, small business finance, and even product innovation.

If you dream of launching a new business or are interested in business development, you should pursue this type of MBA degree.


The finance MBA degree concentration focuses on preparing students for high-level positions within financial institutions. If you enroll in this type of program, you can expect to take courses in financial management, investment analysis, and portfolio management.

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You should pursue a finance MBA degree if you want to work in investment banking, financial planning, or as a portfolio analyst.

Global business

The MBA global business specialization is a smart option for students who want to pursue careers working in international business. This degree program will prepare students in areas of e-commerce strategy, negotiations, and international business law so that they can enter professional roles in global business environments.

If you want to pursue careers in cross-culture management, trade and finance, and even supply chain management, this MBA degree is a strong choice.

Human resource management

The human resource management concentration is designed for students who wish to seek advanced or executive roles in human resource management. If you enroll in this degree program, you can anticipate taking courses in employee recruitment and training, human resource computer systems, and strategic management.

You should pursue this MBA degree if you want to land a leadership role in human resources for public, private, and government organizations.


The MBA marketing concentration is ideal for students who want to develop an in-depth understanding of marketing strategies and theories. Marketing programs provide students with a broad education in areas like consumer behavior, marketing research, and brand management.

You should choose this specialization if you want to pursue a career in product management, retail marketing, or advertising and promotion.

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Healthcare management

The healthcare management specialization is best for students who seek an advanced education in healthcare management and operations. Healthcare management MBA programs teach students about healthcare informatics, medical office management, and current issues in healthcare.

If you would like to pursue a career as a healthcare manager or executive within a hospital or healthcare system, this MBA degree is best for you.

Operations/Supply chain management

The MBA degree specializing in operations and supply chain management is designed to provide students with an in-depth education in operational and distribution management, policies, and practices. If you choose this degree, you can expect to take courses in international supply chain management, quantitative analysis, and marketing strategies.

Choose this concentration if you would like to work as an operational, purchasing, distribution, or inventory control manager.

Project management

The project management MBA degree is ideal for students seeking an advanced education in project management activities within businesses, corporations, and other organizations. In this specialization, you will learn how to plan, monitor, and execute projects in a business environment.

If you see yourself in a position as a team leader, planning and carrying out projects, this MBA is the right choice for you.