Online Business Degree Programs

Online business degrees are becoming increasingly popular, partly due to the fact that there are so many types of degrees available and therefore employment opportunities are varied. Getting a business degree online has a lot of advantages which can include the potential for increased employment options as well as increase in salary at your current position.

If you’re thinking about getting an online degree in Business and you’ve done any research then you might be feeling overwhelmed. There are lots of programs available and many online business colleges so finding the right fit for you is important.

Types of Business Degrees

Basically, the three different types of degree programs available in Business are: Business Management Degrees, Doctorates in Business, and the Associate’s Degree in Business.

Within those degree programs, however, there are many different types of programs that you might specialize in. While there are some more general programs that can be good if you aren’t ready to pick a specific field, for those who do know what field they want to enter picking a specialized field might be more beneficial.

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Some of the popular degree programs include: Business Administration / Healthcare Management, Global Management, Business Administration, Human Resource Management, Management and Leadership, Risk Management, and Management of Business Information Systems.


Requirements for online business degree programs vary by the type of degree program that you are enrolled in as well as the college that you are attending.

A BS in Business Management or Administration normally takes around 4-5 years to complete. An online degree program, though, can often be completed quicker which is one incentive to studying at an online college.

For a BS in Business Management or Administration, you usually need a high school diploma or GED. Depending on the school you will probably have to take general education classes in a variety of fields in addition to the coursework that is required by your major.

On the other hand, an Associate Degree in Business can be finished in as little as 2 years or less. These degree programs do not usually require you to take additional general education requirements so you can finish them faster. Many people receive an associate degree and then continue on to earn their BS at a later date.

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One of the most popular online degree programs is the Master of Business Administration, or MBA. Some students go on to receive their Master’s degree after they have received the BS in order to further their chances for employment. For most students, it takes around 2 years to finish a MBA program. Having a BS in a related field is usually a requirement.

Lastly, a Doctorate in Business Administration prepares students for the direction, controlling, and planning of an organization or business entity. It takes about 3 years to complete a Doctorate program although this time can vary.

Employment Opportunities

Business degrees online can offer students a wealth of employment opportunities. Depending on what program you are enrolled in, you can learn a variety of skills including management, accounting, team building, communication, human resources, bookkeeping, marketing, and leadership.

With a Bachelor’s degree or Associate degree, you might manage a business such as a store, restaurant, healthcare facility, or hotel. You might be able to rise in ranks at your current place of employment. Some go on to work as bookkeepers or open their own businesses. Those who receive Doctorate degrees might work in a business entity or even teach at a university or college setting.

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