Online Accounting Degree Programs

An online degree in Accounting has numerous advantages. Regardless as to the size of the company, most business entities have accountants or bookkeepers on staff and these positions usually require accounting degrees so the employment opportunities in this field are particularly good.

Types of Accounting Degrees

There are essentially three major types of certified accountants in the United States. These are Certified Management Accountants (CMA), Certified Internal Auditors (CIA), and Certified Public Accountant s (CPA). The different types of accountants have different requirements, although all of them require degrees.

Because they offer a lot of different services, CPAs are one of the most popular kinds of accountants. Some of their services include auditing, public litigation, tax planning, and financial advisory services. On the other hand, CIAs normally just work in the auditing sector.

There are many online Accounting degree programs on hand. Depending on the program and Accounting college, you can find Bachelor’s, Master’s, Associate’s, and certifications in Accounting. In addition, there are specializations within these different degree programs like managerial accounting, professional accounting, and finance. Popular online degree programs in Accounting include: AA in Accounting, BS in Business Accounting, BS in Accounting, MS in Accountancy, and the MBA Accounting.

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In order to become a CPA, individuals must have a degree in Accounting from an accredited school. It has to be at least a Bachelor’s degree, which is one of the reasons why online accounting degrees are becoming very popular. They offer flexibility for a field that is in need of certified professionals.

There are many online courses in the accounting field that students must take to earn an online accounting degree. Coursework might consist of taxation, auditing, managerial accounting, and financial accounting. There could even be coursework in areas such as income tax laws and estate planning.

To enroll in an associate program or to get your BS in Accounting you should have your high school diploma or GED. To receive your MS in Accounting you’ll need a BS degree in a related field, usually Business Management, Business Administration, or Accounting.

Depending on your online Accounting degree program you will probably have to take general education classes in addition to your accounting classes. For that reason, a BS program can take around 4-5 years to finish.

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In order to become a certified accountant there are also tests and other procedures that you will need to follow. These vary by the state that you seek employment in.

Employment Opportunities

The job outlook for accountants is very good. More companies are hiring in-house accountants and seeking audits to ensure that their company is running at its highest capacity. Some accountants are also able to work as freelancers or even open their own businesses. You might work for an accounting agency, such as H&R Block, or work for a specific company and only be responsible for that company’s books and nobody else’s.

You can also find employment opportunities in the federal and state government. Many people seek employment in the government sector because the benefits can be very good.