Online Marketing Degree Programs

Marketing is an exciting field with many opportunities. If it weren’t for marketing then consumers wouldn’t know about a product! An online degree in Marketing can present many employment opportunities for the student that wishes to obtain a degree in this field. In addition to gaining important marketing knowledge in this increasingly popular field, students can also gain additional skills that can be helpful in having in a variety of business settings.

Types of Marketing Degrees

There are several different Marketing degrees that are available, depending on what your existing education level is. You can receive either an online bachelor’s degree in Marketing or a master’s degree in Marketing. There are also associate degrees available in the field as well.

The Bachelor of Science in Marketing is one of the most popular online Marketing degree programs. Its goal is to teach communication, technical, and critical thinking skills that will help prepare students in the marketing profession. Students can also sometimes earn an online degree in Business with an emphasis in Marketing. This can be a great way to learn essential business skills while still learning the marketing side of the industry as well.

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An online master’s degree in Marketing can sometimes be earned as part of the MBA (Master’s of Business Administration). Again, having an emphasis in marketing in this online degree program is helpful at making students more marketable in the business world upon graduation.

Additional online Marketing degree programs include the B.S. in Communication-Marketing and the Master of Science in Management with an emphasis in Marketing.


To enroll in an online associate or bachelor’s degree program you should already be in possession of a high school diploma or GED. To obtain a master’s degree in Marketing it is usually essential that you have a bachelor’s degree either in Marketing itself or at least in Business or Management.

An online bachelor’s degree in Marketing usually takes around 4-5 years to complete. Some online programs do have accelerated programs that can take relevant work experience into consideration as well as previous college credit hours. These programs take a less amount of time to finish. An online master’s degree in Marketing can take anywhere from 2-3 years to finish, depending on the program itself.

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While you are in school, you can count on coursework to include classes that have cover creativity and business skills. Courses could include: Statistics, Economics, Market Trends, Accounting, Brand Management, Psychology, and Public Relations.

Employment Opportunities

Employment opportunities for those who have online degrees in Marketing are good. Today, the majority of companies out there heavily rely on marketing and promotion to bring attention to their businesses. Social media is becoming a significant part of marketing and those that have experience in this are becoming sought after as well. Students with a marketing degree can normally find lots of opportunities in departments such as advertising, public relations, and promotions. You might work for a record label, an advertisement agency, or even for a university or small business.