Frisbee for College Students

Some people might say that football is the official college sport because it’s followed so closely by millions of people around the country. Others would argue that basketball is the epitome of college sports, because of March Madness and the hype generated by the NCAA tournament.

We have to respectfully disagree with both of these groups of people, and declare the official college sport . . . Frisbee!

Where there are college students, there are frisbees.

Unless you’re in the depths of a frigid winter, you’re almost guaranteed to see at least a few sets of people throwing a frisbee around every time you set foot on a college campus. And in the summer, you’ll see college-aged kids throwing frisbees on campuses, in parks, at beaches, in streets, and everywhere else that you might find groups of people. Where there are college students, there are frisbees.

Why is the frisbee such an important symbol of university life?

There are many reasons, but we believe that the most important one is the also the simplest: because it’s so much fun!

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There’s something inherently satisfying in throwing an object that doesn’t look like it should be able to fly over great distances and having one of your friends snagging it out of the air with style before throwing it all the way back.

Frisbees are easy to carry around in a backpack, are cheap, easy to replace when thrown into a lake or lost in other ways, and easy to start up games with.

Because of all these reasons, the frisbee is—and always will be—a favorite of college students.

If you haven’t thrown a frisbee since you were a little kid, or have never been very good at it, this summer is a perfect time to get into it and learn!

Odds are very high that one of your friends plays pretty often, so ask them to get out and throw with you for a little while. They can offer some tips on your throwing technique, and you’ll be playing catch in no time, and, most likely, you’ll be hooked.

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You can now easily kill an hour with a group of your friends just throwing back and forth, if you think an hour is a long time to do just that, try it sometime—you may find that you’ll play a lot longer without even noticing!.

Once you’ve got the throw and the catch down, you can start trying other frisbee games. Try catching it behind your back, between your legs, or while jumping in the air. Have a competition with a friend to see who can catch the disc with the most style.

You can also try disc golf, which is an adaptation of “normal” golf. Disc golf courses are popping up all over the country, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find one near you. Disc golf is one of the most fun (and free!) sports around (it is, by its very nature, extremely relaxed).

Whether you’re just learning to throw, or working on lowering your score on the course, get out there and have fun with a Frisbee!