Online Social Work Degree Programs

An online degree in Social Work can prepare students for employment in the field of Social Work, which can be as diverse as the coursework that’s required to get the degree in the first place. There are a few different types of degrees available and sometimes it’s helpful to know what part of Social Work you want to work in before trying for the degree itself.

Types of Social Work Degrees

A Bachelor of Social Work, BSW is often the most sought after degree program by those that wish to work in a government setting, though you’re not limited to government jobs if this is the type of degree that you want. Some individuals with this degree also work in non-profit organizations that assist families in crisis, elderly victims of abuse, or foster children.

An online Bachelor Degree in Social Work helps provide students with knowledge about the practice of social welfare and administration. Courses might include counseling, family services, and intervention strategies.

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It is possible to earn a master’s degree in Social Work online, although before you can do this it’s necessary to have a bachelor’s degree either in Social Work or in a related field first.

You might want to specialize in a specific area of Social Work. If this is the case, then checking out some of the other related online degree programs in related fields might be beneficial to you. Some of these degree programs are: MS in Career Counseling, MS in Marriage, Couple, and Family Counseling – Trauma and Crisis, MS in Counseling – Community Counseling, BS in Counseling with an Emphasis in Addiction, Chemical Dependency, and Substance Abuse, Bachelor of Social Work, BS in Human Services, MS in Human Services, and the Master of Social Work, MSW.


An online Social Work degree usually takes about 4-5 years to complete if you are getting your bachelor’s degree. It usually combines coursework with field experience. To earn a bachelor’s degree, you must have a high school diploma or a GED. Some schools also require standardized test scores from an exam such as the ACT or SAT.

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Social Work courses focus on subject matters such as community services, social counseling, administrative policies, critical thinking, family services, casework planning, and ethics.

It’s very important to have the field experience with this online degree program and this will consist of something like a practicum or internship. You should work with your online college to set this up.

You will also need to ensure that whether you are receiving your bachelor’s degree or master’s degree that it is accredited. Social Work programs should be accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE). If you graduate from an online program that is not accredited by the CSWR, then you will not be able to take the Social Work licensing exam which is necessary to find employment in the field.

Some employment organizations require a master’s degree for clinical and health care positions. In this type of program, you can expect to get more extensive knowledge pertaining to human behavior, social justice, analysis, and research methods. A master’s program normally takes about 2 years to complete.

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Employment Opportunities

Social Work is a broad field and encompasses many areas. Although some graduates work government agencies, many also work for non-profit and private organizations as well. You might find employment as a Social Worker for a hospital, adoption agency, children’s home, foster care organization, or family services center. As a specialized Social Worker, you might work in a drug rehab facility, rehabilitation center, or disability home.