Online College Courses: What to Expect?

Read up on netiquette. It is imperative to have a basic understanding as to what is expected for communication in an online college course.

For example, do not type in all caps for this is considered very rude, like shouting, in an online environment.

Make sure to proofread all emails and posts before submitting or sending them. Keep in mind that without body language, facial expressions, tone of voice, and other nonverbal cues, emails and posts can come across more harshly than you intend them to. You can google this as well.

Online College Courses are for Highly Motivated Students

Because you will have to regulate yourself, you will have to learn how to pace yourself according to the class.

Most likely, the teacher will not remind you to turn in assignments or homework and you will have to stay on top of things. The teacher simply tells you what to do and expects you to do it. There is very minimal supervision. This class is meant for independent, determined, and highly-motivated students. This is where most students do not do well.

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When taking an online college course, it is advised that you take as few classes as possible and treat this class as priority. It is very important that you not only read and print the syllabus, but MEMORIZE it.

In an online course, most of the responsibility is on the student’s shoulders. The teacher will give you loads of information but it is all your responsibility.

It is recommended that you spend more than ten hours a week for a course.

Are they for you?

After your first course, you will know if online classes are for you. Do not be discouraged after the first time. It may take students some more time to get used to this kind of learning. Being a successful online learner takes a great deal of time and self-discipline.