Earth Day Activities for High School Students

Many high schools have an activity or presentation for their students for Earth Day. One of the most popular things that many high schools do and encourage their students to try is planting trees or plants in front of their schools, or in a special garden to promote wellness and Earth Day.

Some high schools try to involve students in Earth Day activities by posting several opportunities throughout that very week. These activities are easy to get involved in, while others are more for students or faculty members that want to have a longer project and make a bigger difference.

Planting a small garden or painting a mural

Having students make their schools better is one of the many ways that they can celebrate Earth Day in their schools. Not only are they promoting this day, but they learn about the planet, and how they can help others as well. Many high schools also take it upon themselves to do something bigger and paint a mural on a wall in their school. This is simply to encourage others everyday to do something good for their environment.

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Looking up environmental stories

Many high schools take it upon themselves to teach their students about Earth Day and everything that is connected to it. Many students bring with them newspapers and some magazines to allow students to find a story that shares some connection to Earth Day. This helps students be more aware of their surroundings and they read more about the world. This is an important step when it comes to teaching students about Earth Day, and promoting it because they can do their part in their schools.

School-wide activities and presentations in class

When teachers want to get their students more involved in their schools, especially when it comes to earth day activities they often have one or more of their class lessons related to Earth Day. Teachers can have students present a story or news piece about Earth Day, during that week to have students learn from each other. If this is not possible, then teachers can encourage students to join clubs or school-wide activities that are held during the week for more credit or homework.

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Some students take it upon themselves to be more helpful during this week, while others that do not know what they have around their schools, are not as involved.