The Importance of Avoiding Senioritis

Imagine this: It’s your senior year of high school, the SAT or ACT is behind you, and you’ve already gotten that big, fat envelope from the school of your dreams.

  • You’ve worked so hard for so long, and you might as well give yourself a break, don’t you think?
  • Stop studying so hard, forget a few homework assignments, maybe skip a few classes?
  • You’ve already been accepted to college, so they can’t rescind their offer of admission if you don’t do so well on your finals, right?


Slacking off during your senior year is one of the worst mistakes you can make. Not only could you potentially jeopardize your offer of admission, but you’re doing yourself a disservice as a soon-to-be college freshman.

Texas Christian University recently made headlines when Ray Brown, Dean of Admission, sent out “Fear of God” letters to accepted students whose academic performance was lagging in their final semester of high school.

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Tempting as it may be to indulge in a carefree senior year, this is not the time to lose focus or let your study skills atrophy. Don’t forget that your college will see your final transcript, and a huge dip in your grades means you could risk losing the acceptance you worked so hard for.

Admission officials may interpret a downward trend in your academic performance as a lack of the drive and will power that are so essential in college coursework. And they’ll wonder who’s going to show up in the fall: the stellar applicant they accepted, or the kid who nearly failed his government final?

Even if your grades don’t slip enough to put your acceptance in danger, indulging a case of senioritis won’t do you any favors as you prepare for life on campus. College is going to be harder than high school. It’s a fact. Not only will the classes be more challenging, but you’ll be forced to develop a strong sense of personal accountability. Allowing your study and time-management skills to fall by the wayside as a high school senior could make you an unfocused, ill-prepared college freshman. Finishing high school on a strong note will translate into a strong foundation for college.

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With the excitement of class trips, prom, and graduation, your senior year should be full of fun. Just be sure to work hard and keep your determination in tact during all the festivities.