How to Be More Involved in Your High School

High school is a very important time in the lives of students and there is a lot more that one can get out of the high school experience than just a basic education. This is a time for you to get involved with your school, getting the highest of benefit possible for you in these four years. The more that you become involved, the better this can look on your transcript as seen through the eyes of college admissions and financial aid boards. You will also be giving back to the school with some activities and leaving your high school a better place for future students, when positive changes are enacted with your helping hand.

The following are some suggested ways that you can become more involved in your high school.

Student Government

If you are someone who is full of ideas and enjoys being a part of leadership and getting other people excited about involvement in various projects and tasks, student government may be a great place for you to use these traits. Maybe you even have political ambitions for your adult life and can use this as a training ground of sorts. Running for student government is both fun and challenging, as is being a part of it.

School Newspaper

If you are someone who wants to feel the heartbeat of the school and be a part of every going on, get involved with the school newspaper. There are many different functions and opportunities in student journalism. There are reporters, editors, photographers, computer jobs, layout artists, and more that are all important parts of getting one school newspaper off to press.

Clubs and Teams

Although not every school offers as many different clubs and teams as others do, depending largely on public funding, almost every school will have something that you might have an interest in. Chess teams, dance teams, debate clubs, language clubs, and math clubs are just a few of the more common clubs and teams that are offered in high schools today. Joining a team or club in your high school will give you the chance to learn, to interact with others who share your interest, to compete, and maybe even to travel to different events that are being held for your group.


Sports teams are one of the exciting and competitive ways for those who are athletically inclined to get involved in their high schools. There are usually try-outs at this level of sports teams, but don’t be too shy or unsure to give it a try. If you are interested and have some athletic ability, sign up and get to those try-outs. Even if you don’t make the team this year, the coach can probably give you some pointers to help you get ready for next year’s opportunities. Not an athlete? No worries, there are plenty of games that you can attend if you have an interest in high school sports but don’t want to be a part of the team. The crowd that shows up to cheer on the players is equally important to the success as the players are themselves.

Aides and Assistants

Many schools are facing problems with lack of funding today and can use all the volunteer help that they can get. Your school probably has plenty of room for teaching assistants, office aides, coaching assistants, and other helpers that will give some of their time and energy free of charge. If you have a heart for helping other students, there may be wonderful opportunities for you helping out with tutoring, classes for the disabled, and other areas.


If you are an older student, such as a junior or a senior, you are going to be a part of the group that the younger students look up to. Have you thought about becoming a mentor for a student or a group of students who could use a good example to follow? You could be just the person that could change the entire high school experience for someone else.


If you have leadership skills, there may be organized opportunities for you to get involved in a leadership club. If there isn’t an organized one at your high school, you can still be a leader of change. When you have an idea that you believe will enhance and enrich the school and its students, go to a staff member that can help you get a starting point to move forward from.

Getting more involved in your high school can be accomplished in a number of different ways. There is probably something that will be just perfect for you, where your interests and abilities will be put to great use. Your school will also benefit from your involvement while you’re there. You can be the one that makes your four years in high school the most profitable, beneficial, and enjoyable possible, by stepping out of your comfort zone and getting right in the middle of the playing field of your school.

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