6 Back-to-School Supplies for High School Students

Last updated on November 27, 2017

High school students have different needs for school supplies. You have more subjects to learn from, with broader activities and assignments. You also have more options for the subjects they take. But whatever the subjects you are about to take, here are some general tips for your high school supplies:

1. Laptop.

Nowadays, schools are more advanced in using technology, especially the internet in their lesson. A lot of teachers start accepting an assignment by emails, or at least expected the assignment to be printed.

Aside from typing assignments, Laptop is useful for doing research online, and help you with their assignment. With Open Office.org, you will have a free functional Office-like program that will help them to format and check grammar/spelling mistakes, a spreadsheet to help process and organize mechanical and numeric bases papers, and make presentations.

You can also bring your laptop to the nearest wifi hotspot and browse internet for free there. Or you can bring it with you when you want to do homework with your friends, and do research in the library.

2. Binder

Although the world is progressing toward the paperless society, the time has not yet come. Students still need notebooks and papers to take notes, and doing quizzes (and perhaps to chat with their friends).

Using binder is a practical option as you don’t need to provide and bring many notebooks, each for its own subject, and they also can readily take the paper out without tearing a page from a notebook.

3. Stationary

To save money, buy in bulk. You’ll find that very expensive pens don’t really worth it. I’ve tried numerous brands and types since my school days and found that cheap, ordinary pens feels better in writing. Unless you need very mechanical pens and pencils for special project, you don’t need to buy expensive stationary. Do buy good liquid correction pen though.

For girls, colorful pens and pencils can be expensive. Do you really need two dozens of it? Select few you really like, then slowly expands your collection if you feel you really need them and can make a good use of them.

4. 2b pencils and good eraser if your school use an automatic machine to scan for answer sheets.

Buy the legitimate ones, as the machine, won’t be able to scan the fake ones.

5. New clothes and sneakers

Students at their High school ages still grow and they need new clothes if the olds ones don’t fit them anymore. Buy T-shirts and jeans you can wear everyday and the trend will not fade out quickly. You move and sweat a lot in schools, so choose comfortable clothes which are not too restrictive or hot. You don’t need expensive clothes, but do wear something clean and proper.

Girls, wear something decent and comfortable. Boots might look good on your feet, but imagine wearing them the whole day, walking from class to class, or even walking home with it. Clothes you wear reflects who you are. If you wear something too outrageous, do bear in mind it will affect how everyone treats you and how they will treat you.

6. Bags

If you bring your laptop to school, choose strong ones that won’t easily get torn. Check the stitches. A bag from a waterproof material is also a good option as it will preserve your hardwork of note taking and assignments along with your laptop if it rains suddenly.

You might want to ask your teachers, if they are going to use something you must provide, especially for special projects. When you buy your supplies, it is better to go with your parents, or someone who will help to not to splurge instead of friends who encourage each other to buy things on impulse.


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