Quick Tips to Prepare for High School Exams

Sometimes, doing well on tests can be difficult. The best way to do well on an exam is to be prepared. The best way to prepare depends on the types of tests you are taking.


Studying for an essay is difficult, especially since how well you do is based largely on your capabilities as a writer. The only way to ensure success is to know the material, some specifics of whatever book or time period you are studying, and some general themes. Read the book and read the rubric. You should be fine.


Being prepared for a vocab test means reading, writing, and hearing the words and definitions as much as is needed. Write the definitions on a sheet. Quiz yourself. Write the definitions on notecards. Quiz yourself. Draw pictures that relate to the words. Quiz yourself. Have a friend read the words out loud to you. Quiz yourself… Isolate whatever words you feel you pause quite a bit at before reciting the definition. Finally, make sure you can define some synonyms and antonyms.


In studying for math, do sample questions. Find out what is incorrect, and find out from your teacher what you are doing wrong. Make sure you memorize relevant equations. And during the test, read questions CAREFULLY. Many teachers will take points off if you don’t show work, don’t round to the right place, or fail to find the answer algebraically rather than with guess and check.

Foreign Language

For a foreign language test, the best way to study is to go in for help anytime you have difficulty understanding a new concept. Memorizing tenses and verb endings is critical, and for many languages, knowing the “gender” of a car or a bike is important as well. It is very important to go over your work after you finish, making sure that your spelling is correct and all accents are in the right place.

General Rules for Test Taking

  • Sleep the night before.
  • Eat something before the test.
  • Study ahead of time- don’t cram the night before.
  • Find out the general topics that will be on the test.
  • Don’t cheat! If you had the time to read this, you should have had the time to prepare.


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