Internal & External Factors That Affect High School Grades

Both internal and external factors can have a large impact on your academic success in high school. Though external factors are extremely difficult to control, internal factors are the key to succeeding academically during the school year.

External Factors

1) Family situation.

If you have a really supportive family that can help you with your studies, then getting homework finished is usually an easy task. But not every family is the same. Some families might be going through financially or emotionally difficult times which can make getting school work done very difficult.

2) Peers.

You may not like to think of your friends as factors in how you perform in school, but don’t get scared off. Having a good circle of friends can be a really positive influence on you and your grades.

If you are hanging with a group of people that often cheats and discourages studying, you may want to distance yourself a degree from them and keep in mind that your studies are also important to you.

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3) Extra Curricular Activities

There are many extracurricular activities you can join. But do not get over involved or be afraid to join them.

Being a part of a team orientated activity can really help boost confidence and self-esteem. But if you get involved in to many of these activities then you may find your studies being put on the back burner.

Internal Factors

1) Prioritize.

Make sure to have an idea of how to exert your energies.

If you want to do good in school, you may want to study for the big exam instead of inviting over your friends to have pizza and play video games.

If you don’t have an exam and know you can finish your homework on time, then it is a great time to pull out the gaming systems and pop in the frozen pizzas.

The key is that you control what you do based on what your goals are.

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2) Schedule.

Keep a planner so you can keep track of all the things you have going on in a week.

If you keep on top of all your extracurricular activities, homework, and family events, you will be able to physically see openings in your day for relaxation and play time. Plus scheduling can help you wake up in time to eat some waffles and bacon or any version of your favorite breakfast.

Without keeping track of what you want and need to do, you may feel overwhelmed when you don’t need to be, and you might end up heading to school hungry.

3) Break and have fun

The school week can be stressful and sitting down for two hours straight to study is just pointless. Your mind needs time to absorb the information it is given.

After every twenty minutes of hardcore studying, take a stretch, eat a cookie, or listen to your favorite music video. And when the week is over or if you have free time, invite some friends over or go to a little get-together. It is a great opportunity to vent about how your crazy English teacher is piling too much homework on.

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Even though there are uncontrollable factors influencing your grades, you still have the power to control your life and steer your academic success.

If you prioritize, schedule, and have fun, you will find that the stress of high school will become manageable and your grades will show it.