What to Expect in College?

College life gives you the freedom to manage your activities as you choose. You get to decide when to study, relax, go to the library or watch a movie. Bedtime depends on your choice, but sleeping late may make you miss a class.

At mealtime, you can choose nutritious food that helps you learn. Taking time to care for your health shows that you can accept responsibility for the choices that you make. You have control over your life in college, and no one wants to tell you what to do.

Living in a Dormitory

Your dorm room lets you share space with at least one roommate. Hundreds of people live within walking distance of your room, and visitors may stop by to chat. You and your roommate have to decide on matters that affect your shared quarters.

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Agreeing on the best volume for your music or deciding what time to get up lets you set rules for living with someone. You get to choose where to place the furniture and how to keep the room tidy. Setting the thermostat and dividing refrigerator space may require you to compromise with an old friend or someone you just met.

Going to Class

The college that you choose requires you to take certain courses in your first two years. You can schedule them at any time that you like, but you need to spend two hours of study for each hour in class.

You can take a year or two to choose a major field of study. College courses may introduce you to careers that you want to consider, but you need time to make a decision.

Impressing Your Professors

College professors appreciate your effort to learn and participate in class discussions. They devote their life’s work to teaching you, and they want you to succeed. You can show respect by introducing yourself after your first class.

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Watching Your Weight

College hangouts usually offer fast food that can make you gain weight. Many students gain as much as 15 pounds in a year. To stay in shape, you can use the gym or swimming pool.

Having Fun

Activities that welcome you to college life include football, basketball and soccer games as well as concerts and parties on campus. When you finish your homework and chores, you deserve to treat yourself to special events that you enjoy.