Tips for Spring Break on a Budget

Spring Break is nearly here for college coeds, and whether you’ve booked a trip or not, there are many ways to enjoy your week off without going broke.

If you’re getting away. . .

  • Take advantage of Groupon/Living Social deals. Also, Jetsetter is a great website for getting discount prices on hotel arrangements (which can sometimes be the most expensive part of the trip).
  • Go in groups. If you live off campus, you know that housing arrangements are always cheaper if you have more roommates. The same applies for spring break.
  • Limit your restaurant intake. While it’s fun to go out to restaurants, you can save money by doing some grocery shopping instead. It will also help you avoid the “Spring Break 15.”
  • Utilize public transportation in the area you’re going to. It’s often cheaper than taxis! Better yet, walk if you can!
  • Take advantage of the free events in the area. For example, if you happen to be in D.C. for spring break, the Cherry Blossom Festival is going on for two weeks in the beginning of April and features many activities that are free of charge.
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Fret not! Even if you don’t have any plans to get away for spring break, there are plenty of other fun activities to do with your time off.

If you’re staying on campus or going home:

  • Explore your college town/hometown. Even Denmark, S.C., home of Voorhees College and one school students have ranked lower in terms of Local Atmosphere, has some cool attractions, like the Caroline Collection, one of the largest privately owned antique stores in the Southeast.
  • Catch up on your favorite TV shows. Sometimes college doesn’t allow enough time to watch television. Spring break is a chance to rent that boxed DVD set and either catch up with an old show or start watching a new one.
  • You, too, can take advantage of Groupon, especially ones maybe you haven’t cashed in yet!

In addition to these suggestions, Alternative spring break is also another great (and usually cheaper) option. You get to volunteer, which is rewarding (to both others and your resume), and you get a change of scenery for a week. It’s a win-win!