Extracurricular Activities To Get Involved With in College

College is a time to try new things and broaden your horizons. A way to do this is to get involved with on-campus activities. College campuses across the nation offer a wide range of activities to attract even the shyest person. Here are a few of the basic activities that you will find on campus:


Intramural athletics are a great way to meet people and exercise. Most schools have intramural sports like: soccer, basketball, floor hockey, flag football, and many more.

Club Sports

Club sports are like intramurals but with a higher level of competition. There usually involves some travel for away games because you will be competing against other schools.

Drama Club

You have the option to take part in the performing arts at your school, even if you are not a Performing Arts major. Go ahead let out your inner diva!

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Let out your inner music and join the band. Bonus: You get to wear a really cool uniform!

Fraternities and Sororities

Hey once you get past pledge week you will have friends for life? If you get past pledge week. No just kidding, most sororities and fraternities are service oriented and hazing is illegal on campuses so pledge week isn’t scary.

National Honor Society

This is for all you “smarty-arties” out there. The college usually will have its own Honor Society and sometimes each individual major will too. Some schools even have their own Honor Society for you, freshman.

Marketing Club

For people that want to improve their marketing skills, and things like this look good on resumes.

American Advertising Federation

This will be for you if you want to compete against other schools from across the nation after you have put together a real advertising campaign!

Model United Nations

This will be exciting for anyone who is interested in politics. There are conferences where there are mock debates over real issues. Also a great resume builder!

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Accounting Club

For all of you business majors out there, looking to enhance your accounting skills.

Student Government

Practice being the politician we all now you can be. Get your issues heard and have a real voice in the running of your school.

Modern Language Club

Take the language to the next level and really experience the modern languages.

Math and Computer Science Clubs

If you like math and computer science this will get your nose out of the books for a bit and enjoy some math and computer science conversation.

This list is not a full list of the activities that you will find on a college campus. If you want a the full list of activities that your campus offers visit their website or if you are still in the application stage you can always ask the admissions counselor.