Is there pressure to have sex in college?

Answer #1:

Sometimes, yes. But that’s not a good reason to have it. Before you decide to make that type of commitment to another person (AND TO YOURSELF) make sure you’re good and ready. That means being informed about sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy as well as being sure you are really ready for this type of relationship. Go to your campus health center and make an appointment to talk about these issues with a physician, nurse or counselor. Get condoms! And if you’re female, make sure you are getting regular gynecological exams particularly if you are sexually active! And remember, sex does not mix well with drugs and/or alcohol! Don’t put yourself in a position where you are too incapacitated to say no if you want to!

Answer #2:

There are always going to be people who try to pressure others into doing things, whether it’s drinking, sex, drugs, whatever. The trick is to try and hang out with people who are respectful enough of other people’s convictions, to leave them alone.

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If you feel pressure to have sex because you think everyone else is, or because they talk about it a lot, try and stick by your own convictions. Most of the people who are talking about it, aren’t doing it! You should only do it when you feel it’s right for you. If a partner is pressuring you to have sex, and you’re not ready, get out of the relationship. Anyone who really loves you won’t pressure you.