Managing Life’s Stressors in College

What are the biggest life stressors for college students? Depending on the individual, common stressors include finances, academic pressure, pregnancy, conflicts with roommates and relationships.

Finances and pregnancy are said to be the top two stressors and can become troublesome if not handled correctly. Managing college, along with the stress, can be done by remembering a few important details along the way:


Financial stress is pretty high in college life due to the simple fact that many students are paying for tuition on their own. Sharing living space with a roommate or partner can add moving expenses to the financial burden if a conflict can’t be resolved in any other way. An unexpected pregnancy will also undoubtedly change your financial state for the future and can add to the stress of college. Try these financial stress management tips:

  • Manage your money by minimizing unnecessary purchases. While you are shopping, simply ask yourself if it is a vital purchase. If the answer is no, just keep walking.
  • Don’t rely on credit cards as a means to relieve the financial stress. Many students think a credit card is an answer when it really causes more problems in the long run. Steer clear, if you can.
  • Start a savings account in addition to a checking account for bill paying. Save as much as possible for rainy-day expenses and the unknown, like having a new baby or moving to an apartment.
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Although it’s an exciting time, the early stages of pregnancy can cause fatigue and stress for young women in college. Whether it’s planned or unplanned, pregnancy holds a bit of stress for every woman. The excitement and anxiety of the unknown can cause stress during college unless you know a few tactics for managing it. Three good ones are listed here:

  • Consider switching to a community college. The classes may be less frequent and less expensive than a traditional, four-year institution. This can help you to not feel overwhelmed in the early stages of pregnancy and can save a considerable amount of money. Once your child is born, you’ll need every penny.
  • When possible, eat nutritious meals for extra energy. College demands are enormous and can sometimes make eating a well balanced meal seem impossible. You owe it to yourself and your growing baby to eat right.
  • Get the proper amount of sleep to reduce some of the stress. Your mind may be racing with thoughts of juggling classes, college pressures and the budding little one. With an adequate amount of rest, your mind will be more at ease.
  • Take advantage of deals where possible. If you’re looking to save money, this is an excellent place to start. You can also peruse general sites like Groupon and LivingSocial.
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Being young men or women in college is tremendously stressful on its own. When life throws you additional stressors, you can battle them with the suggested tips above. Knowing how to handle them will allow you to graduate from college with your sanity intact.

Many other strategies can be used for managing college with life’s stressors, whether it is the early stages of pregnancy or managing your money. When you find yourself faced with overwhelming stress, how do you handle and overcome it?