What resources are available to help a student choose a major?

Most colleges and universities have a Career Center. Career Centers work daily with students who haven’t chosen a major; being undecided is not uncommon.

There are many services and resources available to help you work through this decision.

Many Career Centers offer workshops that provide a number of activities designed to help you learn what majors and careers might be good fits based on your interests, strengths and abilities, personality characteristics and values. You’ll often have help exploring follow-up steps that might further develop your action plan, and individual career counseling is usually available as well. College Career Centers often have a variety of tools available to research majors in which you’re interested and identify specific careers you want to know more about. Finally, the Career Center can help you locate internships, which will provide valuable experience and help you focus in on a single field of interest. Also, internships look great on a resume and help make you more marketable.

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