Online Nursing Degree Programs

One of the most popular online degree programs is in the nursing field. Competent nurses are always in high demand, no matter where you live. As the current population ages, additional healthcare facilities are being constructed while current ones are expanding. As this happens, the need for skilled nurses increases. Online nursing degree programs are helping fill those needs by producing highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals.

Types of Nursing Degrees

The most popular degrees in Nursing are the Bachelor of Science (BS) in Nursing and Master of Science (MS) in Nursing. While there are some associate degrees obtainable, if you desire to be an RN you must usually possess a Bachelor’s degree. Online degree programs can offer you these various degrees.

The BS in Nursing instructs students on the vital information that they will need to know to be employed in a healthcare facility. The online degree coursework will usually focus on such areas as different medications, treatment, and general nursing practices.

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If you desire to further your studies then you may want to consider a Master of Science in Nursing. These degrees are good for those that want to work in the management sector or in a supervisory position. If usually takes about 2 years to finish a MS degree and some students wind up specializing in a particular area of nursing such as geriatrics.

A nurse practitioner is a registered nurse who has fulfilled further educational requirements and gone through career training. Unlike RNs, nurse practitioners can work independently from a physician or other supervising doctor. They are therefore able to carry out many procedures including diagnosing problems and writing prescriptions.


There are online college degree programs available to help you receive your Associate’s, Bachelor’s, or Master’s degree in nursing. To become a registered nurse (RN), however, or a nurse practitioner then you must submit to additional tests and requirements.

Normally, a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing takes about 4-5 years to finish. You must have this before becoming a nurse practitioner. It might also come in handy if you wish to become an RN.

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Many people who want to become nurses with to be registered nurses, or RNs. This process requires you to go through a licensure examination as well as to accumulate clinical training hours.

To be a nurse practitioner, students have to first be RNs. They must then take further coursework and career training under the direction of a nurse practitioner or physician to become certified.

When getting your degree, you might find classes that consist of the following subject matters: Pharmacology, Physical Therapy, Medical Terminology, Nutrition, and Biology.

Employment Opportunities

Although most nurses are employed in healthcare facilities such as hospitals, physician’s offices, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, and assisted living facilities, not all nurses find employment in these locations. Depending on the type of degree you have, and where your interests rest, you might find yourself teaching other nurses or working in a private residence. Some nurses also work as home health aides, either for state organizations or private institutions.

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