Is College Fun?

If you spend enough time around older adults, you will eventually hear them talking about their good old college days. Yet, you may still find yourself wondering, “How much fun is college life?” After all, textbooks, teachers and a schedule of classes are pretty much just like junior high and high school, right? Well, get ready to be surprised.

Life after high school is very different, and you can look forward to these awesome perks of going to college.

Pick Your Own Classes

Do you hate waking up and doing math right away? If so, no worries. In college, you get to pick the classes you want, and you have control over when you take them.

Although you won’t get a free pass out of math class, you can choose to take it during the best time of day. You also get to choose from cool classes such as music, art and tech courses that make it fun to go to school.

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Meet New People All the Time

College is the one place where you will be surrounded by new people and have the time to get to know them. Since people come to college from all over the world, this means you will get the chance to really broaden your horizons.

From finding someone to practice your high school French on to starting your own band, the people you meet will take you interesting places.

Experience School Traditions

In high school, school spirit probably just meant some pep rallies and noisemakers at the football game. However, college students take serious pride in the school they attend. Through the years, students have created traditions at their schools. These all add fun to the college experience.

Sororities and fraternities are one tradition that is filled with parties and opportunities to mingle. Then, there are the crazy ones that seem to be unique to every campus. For example, things like late night glow-stick runs through the campus tend to pop up during finals week.

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Be More Independent

In college, you are finally treated like an adult. Dorm life means waking up on time for class, but it also means you can stay up as late as you want. That means that you can totally have a late night pizza and study session if you want.

You will also find that the professors treat you like an adult, too. They won’t tell you where to sit or call your parents if you are absent. It’s so much easier to do the right thing when you know it’s your choice.

Enjoy Constant Entertainment

Trying to find something to do on the weekend in college is never a problem. Theme parties, sporting events and group hangouts are always going on. On a college campus, there is always something to do. From hitting up the gym to participating in a competition, you can keep yourself entertained by just stepping outside.

After years in school, it’s normal to want a break. However, college is way more fun than jumping into the working world. Whether you want to learn how to design your own video game or just want to hang out at the dorm, college is the place to find all of the fun and exciting events.

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