10 Surefire Ways To Get On a Professor’s Good Side

Have you ever noticed that when a Professor likes you they often “give you a break” and round your grade up that extra point or two at the end of the semester? The opposite is true if you are on the Professor’s bad side. Here is a quick list of 10 tips to help you get on the good side of any Professor.

What To Do

1. Be on time. Walking into class late won’t score you any brownie points, and it’s a little embarrassing. On top of all that, the beginning of class is when a lot of important information is given out.

2. Get Active. Participate in class discussions and answer any questions that the Professor tosses up in the air. This will let your professor know that you are paying attention and interested in the subject matter they are teaching.

3. Front and Center. Always try and sit in the front row of a class. This will ensure the Professor will notice you and show them that you are ready to learn. You tend to pay more attention when in the front of the class anyway.

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4. Be There. Make sure you show up for all of the classes. It’s okay to miss a class occasionally, but don’t make a habit of it or your professor will take notice of this.

5. Be Prepared. Be sure to have all the materials neccesary for the class so you will be ready if you need to use your textbook or reference a previous handout.

6. Put the Pen to Paper, or the fingers to the keyboard. Take notes on what your professor is teaching. You don’t want to be the guy with an empty desk. Taking notes will not only let your Professor know you are paying attention, it has obvious benefits to improving your grades.

7. Use office hours. Your Professor is providing you with a block of time to come see them. Often times, they are left alone with no students coming in. If you have any questions to talk with your Professor about, this is this is a great time to do it.

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8. Respond to Emails. Sometimes Professors will send a mass email to the class asking for feedback on a lesson or asking other questions. A lot of students will blow this off because it won’t count as a grade. Don’t do this, make sure you respond to any emails that you receive from your Professors.

9. Chat it up. After class is a great way to get in a quick chat with your Professor. This is the perfect time to ask questions about assignments, and maybe find out more about an upcoming test.

10. Stay quiet. When the professor is teaching, don’t interrupt. There is always someone in the class who loves to talk while the Professor is in the middle of a lesson. Don’t do this. No professor likes this, and it is never good to be called out in front of the class.

That’s It

By utilizing these tips, you will be a Professor favorite in no time, or at least you will notice an increase in your GPA. Seriously though, Professors don’t like people who don’t participate, come in late, sleep in class, and interrupt, so avoid being the guy who does these things. Put the above tips into action, and when the end of the semester is here and you are 2 points away from an A, your Professor will remember how good of a student you are and bump your grade up.

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Are you the type who gets involved in class a lot? Or do you sit in the back of class and sleep?