Benefits of Living On Campus

The benefits of living on campus outweigh the downsides of commuting back and forth between home and school. The purpose of going to college is to develop fully as an adult. To do that, getting away from your familiar environment is a must.

To get the full college experience, one must live on the school grounds. In fact, there is a difference between people who commute and those who don’t. It is like no other place. When you go away, you change.

1) Close to Class.

The main reason to go to school is to study. When you live on campus, your classes are easier to get to. You do not have to worry about being late for anything. You have easy access to the computer lab, library, and gym. Everything is simple to get to. There is no need to worry about transportation or gas money.

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2) Away from Home.

This is the best one. You get to get out of your parents home and live at school. Think about it, you do not have to worry about being supervised by anyone. You get the semi experience of being on your own. This helps to make you more of an adult.

3) Easier to Participate in Campus Activities.

You can easily get into school clubs. You also form better relationships with classmates. The relationships you start at school stay with you until the end of time.

4) Get the Full College Experience.

You are able to get the full college experience. Your parents and siblings will not be around. You are responsible for yourself and your actions.

In the first two years, you are provided with everything you need to not call your parents. You have a food card and laundry card. Washing machines and dryers are in the basement. It is OK to have a mini fridge. Microwaves are used in the lounge.

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5) Get a Roommate.

Getting a roommate whom you don’t know challenges you in many ways. It forces you to break out of your comfort zone. It also helps you tune up your communication skills. It broadens your view on other races and cultures.

Overall, living at school is a benefit to college students. They are able to study, work and socialize all in one place.