Respond to Requests for Information from Your College

Fulfill all requests from your college without delay (complete forms, send information, answer questions, etc.), and expect to receive information from your college regarding the following items. Respond promptly to all requests.

Freshman Orientation Days

Attend freshman orientation this summer. Contact your college to register for freshman orientation (or you may be able to register using the school’s website). Register early to reserve your place in the orientation session that best fits your schedule. Typically, colleges offer both freshman student orientation and parent orientation.

Take Required Placement Tests

Your college may require completion of math and foreign language placement tests before you can pre-register for college classes. Don’t delay taking these tests. Typically, placement tests are completed online or during freshman orientation days. Each college has its own schedule and procedures for completing tests.

Pre-Registration for Classes

Select your class schedule and return pre-registration materials to your college as soon as possible.


Order textbooks online as soon as possible after your class pre-registration is approved.


Complete housing form(s) to designate the residence hall and room style you prefer. Each college is different, but you should be given a choice of residence hall and room type (single, double (with or without a private shower), quad, apartment or possibly a duplex). Submit the housing application and deposit as soon as possible because freshmen rooms usually are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.

Roommate Questionnaire

This form asks the type of person you would like as a roommate. Questions usually cover topics such as your study habits, if you are a late-night or early-morning person, if you prefer a roommate who is a non-smoker, if you a neat or messy person, etc. Answer all questions honestly so you can be assigned a compatible roommate.

Health Insurance

Fill out the health insurance form. Most students stay with their existing medical insurance (provided by their parents’ health plan), however, most colleges also offer a health plan through a campus provider.

Dining Meal Plan

Select the best dining meal plan based on the number of meals per week.

Transportation While at School

Are you taking a car to college? Will you need a car periodically, or will you be using public transportation? Get a parking permit if you will have a car on campus or a bus routing pass if using public transportation. Be sure to have automobile insurance if you take a car to college.

On-Campus Job

Do you need an on-campus job or have you been offered a Federal Work Study? Ask about the on-campus job fair that will be held in the first week of school. Go early to the job fair so you can be the first one in line for the best jobs.

Deadlines for Payments

Find out when the tuition, housing, and meal plan payments are due. Mark the dates on your calendar and submit all payments on time.

College Move-In Day

Pay close attention to instructions regarding move-in day that will be mailed to you. Plan your transportation to college ahead of time (purchase airline tickets, map the route you will drive, etc.).

Track completion of required documents and tasks by referring to the Post-High School/Pre-College Checklist. This checklist is designed to be printed and posted in a conspicuous place in your home so it will be easy to monitor your and your parents’ progress with completing tasks over the next 3-to-4 months.

Please note this is a generic checklist; your college may have additional tasks to complete prior to moving to college this fall.


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