How to Take a Test

You’re getting ready to take a test. You’ve studied all you could cram into you. Now it’s time to take the test. Knowing how to take tests is just as important as studying for the test itself. Here are some tips on how to take tests and make the most out of all your studying.

Arrive early

Give yourself some time to get there early enough to find your seat, get into test-taking mode and start off on the right foot. Being hurried right before your test will only muddle your thinking and takes away from focusing on the task at hand.

Get comfortable

Find a seat where you can focus and not be distracted by others. Have an extra set of tools and devices you need for the test. Having an extra pen, pencil, eraser or ruler handy will alleviate anxiety in case your primary ones don’t work.

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Review the entire test

If there is time, quickly go over the entire test to familiarize yourself with the layout. It will give you a sense of what’s to come and be prepared.

Read carefully

Read directions carefully and re-read them if necessary. You don’t want to miss a word. Read each question carefully and for multiple choice, read all the answers before making your final selection.

Keep track of time

Know how much time you have for each question. Answer easier questions first and move on to the harder ones. If you’re stuck or think you’ll need more time, mark it and come back to it later.

Review your answers

Once you complete the test, if you made notes to go back to certain questions, review those first. Check the whole exam for completeness. For multiple choice questions, trust your instinct and your first answer, changed answers account for many mistakes on multiple choice tests.

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After the exam

Once you’ve completed the test and handed it in, you’ll be able to talk to others about it. Don’t get frustrated or upset if you realize you made some mistakes. Go back and review the material so you can better prepare for the more comprehensive mid-term or final exams.

Understanding what’s expected of each test will help you study and prepare. Speak with your teacher about the content of the exam and how it will be graded. Knowing the expectations ahead of time will help you to learn the material and be better prepared.

Good luck!