Information and Tips on College Textbooks

College textbooks are one of the most annoying parts of college. Every semester college students drop hundreds of dollars on overpriced books, that are sometimes never used.

Text books are absolutely necessary in some classes, and never used in other classes it all depends on the professor. Also, many textbooks come out with new editions every year so when it comes time to trade back in your text book, the bookstore might not even except it. Remember its hard to do well in classes if you can’t study the material, so make sure you get the textbooks you need to do well in school.

Find out what textbooks you will need next semester

After you make your schedule for the next semester, send the professor an email and ask what textbook will be required for next semester, and make sure you find out what edition of the textbook will be acceptable or get the ISBN number (if available) for next semester. Always try to get the ISBN number if possible so you are 100% sure it is the correct textbook.

If the semester has already started, your syllabus should explain in detail the exact book you need.

Rent Textbooks

Renting textbooks is a newer option for students looking to save some money on textbooks. Check out places that rent textbooks for more information and to see if renting is the best option for you.

Buy Textbooks

Buying textbooks can be overwhelming and confusing for college students. There are so many decisions to make such as:

  • Should I buy new or used college texbooks?
  • Do I have to buy from my college bookstore?
  • Can I find a better deal online?
  • What version of the textbook is the correct version?
  • Will international versions work?

Textbooks: Get the right info

Freshman and transfer students usually have the most trouble finding and buying textbooks because they are unfamilar with the schools textbook purchasing system. It is important to get the right information to make sure you are not stuck without a book the first few weeks of class.

Typically used textbooks are cheaper than new, and you can buy books from any store as long as you get the right book. Sometimes a book may only be offered at your college bookstore, but your professor should know if that’s the case. It’s also a good idea to check with students at your college or university that are upperclassmen and have gone through the process a couple of times.

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