Buy Used College Textbooks & Save Money on Cheap Books

Used college textbooks are usually the cheapest way to go and it adds up when you buy multiple textbooks. If you are buying a standard text book that does not require a CD or included booklet, buying used college textbooks is a great way to save money.

Buy Used College Textbooks from Other Students

This is college, everyone is counting pennies. Try to find someone with the exact textbook you are looking for, propose a deal where you will pay them $5.00 more than they will get at the book store (this will always be much less then a used book would cost you). This is another good reason to try to make friends with people in your major. Students take classes at different times and different semesters so you may be able to find someone with the text book you are looking for.

Buying Used College Textbooks from the College Bookstore

Before you buy a textbook at your college bookstore, open the book and make sure none of the pages are ripped out, and no one crossed out or highlighted the entire book. Taking a few minutes to do this will help you save hours of aggravation when you are trying to study.

Buying Used Textbooks Online

Finding used textbooks online is a great way to save money. Although you have to wait for it (shipping), if you can plan ahead, you should still have your textbook in time for your first class. Just be sure you order the exact textbook you are looking for (stay away from “International” versions).

Textbook Tip: Go to your college bookstore and write down the prices and the ISBN numbers of all the textbooks you need. Go home and search by ISBN number online to find a better price (usually you can find a better deal online). Just be careful who you buy used textbooks from online. Try to stick with a trusted name such as, or some other familiar online store.


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