10 Easy Care Dorm Plants

Last updated on November 15, 2017

Dorms are almost always dry and drab, luckily you can add a little fresh nature to your room with these plants. The following are plants that require little care and can survive in most conditions. Almost all of them can tolerate low light and less frequent watering (just in case you forget). Bring the outdoors in and bring a little fresh air and green in your life!

1. Spider plant (Chlorophytum Comosum)

Spider plant (Chlorophytum Comosum)

Grows in most locations, but it will be better off close to a window. This pot doesn’t need to be repotted often since it likes to have roots squished in.

2. Devils ivy (Golden Pothos)

Devils ivy (Golden Pothos)

Thriving in lower light, this plant doesn’t mind the indoors. It doesn’t need much watering but an occasional misting will do it nicely. The added bonus to this one is the benefit of its air filtering qualities.

3. Parlor Palm (Chamaedorea Elegans)

Parlor Palm (Chamaedorea Elegans)

A touch of the tropics in your room is possible! This palm actually prefers low light or even full shade. If you don’t have time for frequent watering this one may not be for you. It shouldn’t get dry, but if you care for it’s beautiful.

4. Snake plant (Sansevieria)

Snake plant (Sansevieria)

If you have no green thumb at all this plant should be your friend (and it’s cool looking). It can survive in low light and only needs to be watered every 7-10 days. It also doesn’t need to be repotted for the most part.

You can grow it this big…. but we don’t suggest it!

5. Aloe Vera


Being efficient and economical in college is essential to survival, so if you’ve got a sunny window the Aloe Vera plant is your best bet. The plant’s leaves have many health benefits and daily uses. It doesn’t need a lot of watering or care. Just remember sunlight!

6. Cast Iron Plant (Aspidistra elatior)

Cast Iron Plant (Aspidistra elatior)

Known for it’s ability to withstand abuse and neglect, this plant is for the busy college student. It completes or partial shade and can go over a week without watering. If you’re really nice to it the plant can bloom flowers indoors!

7. Christmas cactus

Christmas cactus

This resilient plant doesn’t thrives in medium light and can be placed close to a window, but avoid heating vents. It can retain a reasonable amount of water so watering varies. The flowers on this one are a beautiful shade of pink.

8. Emerald star (Aglaonema)

Emerald star (Aglaonema)

This plant blooms in all conditions. A sunny room will fine as will a dark room. Water it once a week and avoid cold temperatures and this plant should survive with little care.

9. Peace Lily (spathiphyllum)

Peace Lily (spathiphyllum)

The peace lilies flower bloom like white calla lilies. It can survive most anything, over-watering, too much heat, and too much fertilizer. Keep it in medium light.

10. Prayer Plant (Maranta Leucoreura)

Prayer Plant (Maranta Leuconeura)

This plants behavior earned its name. The leave fold and then completely close during the night and open during the day. Medium light to low light is ok for this one, and you can simply water it every 3-4 days.

There you have it, a few simple ways to bring nature into your room. These plants are easy for you busy students and will give a little spice to your space.