Dealing with Unhelpful College Professors

Getting into college is what parents hope for their children. As for students, it is a good place to start a new life, make new friends and get exposed to the outside world. However, college may not be as fun as one thought it would be especially when it comes to the professors.

Some professors are easy, still spoon-feed sometimes and kind and generous. However, not all professors are like this. In fact, each professor has his own style of teaching. So, how do we deal with unhelpful college professors?

Unfortunately, if professors don’t help, we just have to help ourselves to graduate. First of all, among our group of friends, there must be someone who is good in a subject. Why not sit and learn with him/her? Find a comfortable place, the library, the cafe or anywhere that makes both of you comfortable to be in the learning ‘atmosphere’. Sometimes, what our friends teach us is much easier to understand rather than when the professor is delivering in class. Apart from that, I would also suggest you to go and seek information from other professors. There are at least a few professors that teach a particular subject if the subject has many classes. So, why not go and see what the other professors can offer you?

Besides that, I believe that every university or college has its own library to students for easy references. There is a wide range of books that may contain specific topics that you are looking for. Just look through the shelves or if the library has its own database system that allows access to students, you could use it to locate the books you want to find. It would be much easier that way. Choose the book that suits you best with your level of understanding. Due to limited time that is given to borrow books from the library, I suggest that you photocopy the content that you want for future references. By doing this, at least you do not have to go and find the book again when you need references on the same topic.

In this era of science and technology, the computer and Internet is always there to help. The Internet covers a wide range of topics, from economics to science to entertainment and almost everything under the sun. Thus, you could use the Internet to find the information you want. Everything is at your finger tips and just a click away. If you are not really the reading kind of person, maybe you could go into YouTube and watch a video on the topic you want. Trust me, I’ve tried that and sometimes it works. However, do not be disappointed if you can’t find your topic on YouTube. There are a lot of places where you can find things.

Well, at the end of the day, all I can say is, if people can’t help you, you’ve got to help yourself!  Your success in life all depends on your effort to succeed.