Don’t Be a Bad College Roommate: 5 Habits to Steer Clear of

Welcome to college. You have got new classes, new friends, new places, and oh yeah new roommates. Most people have never had to share their space before, and getting roommates is definitely  a unique experience (because you’re not related to them).

Sure, having roommates is hard. However, what if they complain about YOU?!

Yes, have you considered the possibility that you might not be the best roommate either? Have you noticed that none of your roommates like to hang out with you? Do they only communicate with you via email or sticky notes? This may seem disconcerting, but if you want to be a cool roommate, you might need to evaluate where you are. Here are 5 things that may make YOU the crazy roommate.

1) You’ve Got No Respect

This is probably the number one reason that you aren’t a good roommate. If you don’t care about your roommates, you aren’t going to be considerate. If you want your roommates to treat you the way you want to be treated, consider treating them with respect. An example of respect would be if you know that someone has a test the next day, don’t be playing loud music the night before.

2) You Are Messy

Of course everyone has their messy days, but if you have a pile of clothes on your bed that has been there since you’ve moved in, it’s time that you evaluate how good you are at keeping things clean. If you can’t help it, at least make sure that your mess is contained. If your roommates are leaving you sticky notes about cleaning your dishes, it’s time that you take notice and clean your mess.

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3) You Are a Clean Freak

On the other hand, you may be obsessive when it comes to cleaning. If you are that type, you might want to loosen up a bit. Most people enjoy a clean space, but some do not make it a huge priority. If you are a clean freak, make sure that you give other the benefit of the doubt?maybe they were going to clean but were late to class.

4) You Take Without Asking

This is really annoying for other roommates. Especially if they were looking forward to the last slice of their home-made pie.  Don’t be a mooch.  Give and you shall receive.  Be fair and share the goodies, or else you will be looked upon as the black hole of the dormitory that just sucks everything up.

5) You Threaten Your Roommate

This is a big no-no. No matter how you much you joke with a roommate, you should never threaten them. It may seem like a joke to you but your roommate may have a very different type of humor. You don’t want to seem like some crazy person that your roommates are afraid of.

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If you think that you do any of these things take a step back and fix what you are doing. You don’t want people to be afraid of you or simply hate being around you.