Tips for College Guys on How To be a Gentleman around Girls

Being a gentleman is a problem many college guys have. Some college guys truely understand what it means to be a gentleman, and they get a lot of respect from college girls. Talking to girls is not enough, girls also notice the way you act and treat others, this is why it is very important to be a gentleman at all times.

Tips on being a Gentleman

  • Open, and hold open doors for ladies of all ages
  • Pull out a ladies chair for her when she sits down
  • If it is cold outside, offer her your jacket
  • Don’t touch your food until all ladies at your table have been served.
  • Do not to use profane language in front of females
  • When walking down the street with a lady, walk on the street side
  • Always look into a girls eyes, and never at her body
  • Never touch a girl before she touches you
  • Never talk negatively about any girls (even ex-girlfriends)
  • Don’t brag or talk too much about yourself
  • Ask her questions and listen
  • Only give a female a compliment if you truly believe it
  • Only say you are going to call, if you really are
  • Never release bodily functions around a female (don’t burp, fart, etc.)
  • Try to refrain from doing other gross things (picking your nose, scratching… etc.)
  • When you meet a lady for the first time, always say “it was nice meeting you”
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By following tips like these on how to be a gentleman, you will set yourself apart from most guys out there. Very few college guys are smart enough to do these types of things, so she will think you are not like all the other guys. Females have a talent for noticing everything, so make sure you are on best behavior when out with a college girl.

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