How to Find Off-campus Housing

Sometimes your only options for housing aren’t exactly pleasing when faced with the terror of dorm rooms that cramp your style and your living space. Who enjoys four by four cells of cinder block with dirty bathrooms and no quiet hours?

School can be a monastery-like jail if you give it the opportunity so it’s much better to work with whatever interior space you have and head to the nearest IKEA. If that’s not possible, defiantly look into getting a house on campus which comes with freedom, privacy, and so many decorating advantages. Here are some places you can find them:


The go-to for any need from houses, to pets, to a whole category of free curbside stuff. It’s the premier cheap college site and you can find some of the best listings around. Listings are easy to find through searches and most of the time they offer discounts based on the amount of people they want in their houses.

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The more people paying money on this site, the better deal you’ll get and many of the houses are close to campus so you won’t have to waste gas getting there.

Flyers in the Student Forum

So many roommate ’switcharoos’ happen during the first couple weeks of school you should absolutely keep your eyes peeled for flyers on the bulletin board.

Every student knows that because they are most often near the mailboxes, students peruse these places first for possible housing snafu’s.

If you’re in trouble, check it out and get in contact with the person right away, the odds are working against you the longer you wait.


Oh Facebook, where you can find anything through the magic of social networking. Facebook is the end all be all, complete with forums for comments on your house listing as well as any questions or FAQ’s.

You can also put up any requirements you have for possible tenants which is always a plus when you don’t want to live with a rowdy group of strangers.

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Local Newspapers

This is a gimmie, check it every day and circle with your red sharpie.

Check up on possible abodes at least twice before you make a choice and make sure you get all contracts in writing and gone over by some kind of lawyer, parent, or legal student if you’re really hurting for advice.

It’s college campus, take advantage of your resources.