How to Get a College Girlfriend During Freshman Year

Entering the college is a big achievement for any student. It makes them feel a responsible and respectful part of the society and it gives youth a certain value for themselves. But college life is not all that easy. Being away from home and managing most of your finances are not the easiest things to do, especially once you started doing that for the first time in your life. And many hate to lose at this stage, especially when it comes to girls. So it is always important that you make the correct choice.

Many young men who enter college feel that it has been too long they had lived on their own. And the feeling if losing your family and friends and being along at a strange environment, makes a person feels quite lonely. So it is quite natural that many guys want a girl once they enter college.

There are so many guys who dream of finding a girlfriend once they enter a college. Though there are so many girls around, many find it difficult to break the ice in their freshman year. Some even claim that it is one of the toughest things to do at college, finding the perfect girl as a freshman. But it is not all that hard. All you need is to believe in yourself and to make the correct choice at the correct time.

Here are some of the useful tips that could help you to find a girlfriend in your freshman year.

1) Make Sure You Wear and Behave the Best You Can

The first impression is really crucial when it comes to a relationship. It is very important that you do not give a bad impression with your looks. Always try to wear tied, at least on the first few days. You do not have to spend a fortune on the stuff you wear to college, just wear something decent. Behave like a gentleman whenever it is possible. You may want to be the “bad boy” of the campus, but not every girl will find you attractive that way.

2) Talk To Others As Much As You Can

In the first few days of your campus life, it is important that you talk to as many people as possible. Try to talk to others at the freshmen-oriented program, at lunch time, at your boarding place. It will make you popular among your fellow students and it will give more exposure to the girls in your batch as well. Unless you are not known by others, it is quite a challenge to convince a girl to date you.

3) Try to Be Friend with Many

Friends are really important at college. You no longer have the family to keep you company and nor are your old friends from the high school. So to survive your new environment, you are definitely going to need some good friends. These can be both males and females and they will help you out to find you the girl you need. But be careful, wrong friends can easily ruin the whole college life for you.

4) Show Off Your Talents Whenever Possible

You might have some excellent talent at speaking, writing or singing. The freshmen orientation programs will provide you with the prefect stage to show off these talents. Do not be shy to show who you really are. The people will call you “that guy, who made that great speech” and you will soon win the heart of the girl you wish.

5) Participate In the Events

The first few days of college is really important for you and always spend as much time as possible with your fellow students. Take part in the freshmen orientation programs and all the other classes. This will give you more exposure to girls and let you be known by others. It is no use that others do not know you and then finding a girl becomes really hard as no girl wishes to be dated by a complete stranger.

6) Try to Understand What the Girls Think Of You

It is very important that you understand the way the girls think of guys. This is next in line to picking stars when it comes to difficulty level, but you have to give it a try. In fact, it is not all that hard. Do not try to pretend things too much. Talk openly with the people you meet and always smile with others. It will make the feeling that you are at least someone friendly. Once you made that impression, things can really be build on that.

7) Do Not Rush Things

It is always important that you let the things to go smooth at first. After all, you are here on the college to learn and you will spend a few years there. So you do not have to act as it is the day before the world’s end. No girl likes to be pressed on by the guys. She may be having her own troubles getting adjusted to new college life. Talk about these things first and see what the common problems you have are. Do not let her about where you want to spend the honeymoon, she will hide the next time she sees you.

8) Understand Each Other

Make a good understanding and be open to each other. Many college affairs have the potential of ending up in a marriage, so think twice. You always have to think about your education as well as the priorities of your girlfriend. If she is aiming at a very academic college life, think again whether you have the same eagerness to study long hours with her. Mutual understanding can go a long way and what may have started as a little chat can end up with wedding bells.

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