College Hot Spots for Picking Up the Ladies

College is a great time to meet a whole slew of new female friends for conversing and holding hands and whatever else you want to do with girls. The key to meeting girls at school is knowing where they hang out. Here’s a list of places you can start at (in no particular order).

1. Gym

Just about every school has a gym that you can go to for free. The great part about the gym is the simple fact that chances are the girls at the gym are going to be in great shape (or at least on their way to being in great shape). You’re also in an environment where you already have something in common… you like to work out. You might even want to take an exercise class or two like yoga, spin class or kickboxing.

Classes are perfect for meeting girls because its more natural to talk to someone you’re in class with rather than walking up to a girl who’s running ten miles an hour on a treadmill right?

There’s really only one obstacle in the gym when it comes to meeting girls, and that’s headphones. However, there’s a simple solution: if you want to talk to a girl with headphones on, simply walk up to her, get her attention, then tap your ear like you’re wearing headphones, and she’ll take them off… then you can proceed to woo her with your amazingly smooth verbal skills (or make a fool of yourself).

2. Class

Another great place to meet girls is in class. If you didn’t think of this yourself, then maybe you’re paying too much attention to your teacher and not enough attention to your classmates. Class is perfect because you see the person on a regular basis, and starting conversations is easy. Just show up to class a little early and stay a bit after so you don’t have to talk while the teacher is blabbing up in front.

3. Library

The library may not seem like a place to meet girls, but certain parts of the library are reserved for group work where talking is definitely allowed. You can go there to study and maybe run into somebody who’s struggling with the same homework or project that you are. You can also just start chatting it up with someone near you if it looks like you both need a break from the studying.

4. Food Court/Cafeteria

Every now and then you may find yourself needing to grab some food and all of your friends are busy, this is a perfect time to get some food and boldly sit down next to the cutie munching on her salad (no pun intended). You both are just grabbing a bite to eat between classes, might as well make a friend while you’re at it.

5. Lawns/Plaza

Most schools have open areas like big grass lawns or open plazas where people generally hang out on nice days. This is a great time to show off your amazing frisbee skills and then all of a sudden have your friend ‘accidentally’ throw one close to a pack of girls which you then save by just barely catching the frisbee before it hits them… and then you say whats up and start talking. Or you can just hang out on the grass and start conversations with nearby loungers.

6. Downtown shopping areas

What girls don’t like to shop? I’m pretty sure they don’t exist. That’s why going to a shopping area is another great place to meet girls. You can always ask for a woman’s opinion on some article of clothing and they will more than likely be willing to be your personal shopper for the day.

7. Bars

If you’re lucky enough to be twenty-one, or have a fake ID, you can always go to a bar to pick up the ladies. Not much explanation needed here, just remember, though, girls have their guards way up in bars compared to other places during the day. Plus, no girl really wants to tell her girlfriends that she met her boyfriend at a bar.

8. Grocery Store

Everybody has to eat.. it’s a simple fact. You have to go to a grocery store that’s near campus because its obviously going to be full of college girls, unless you’re into grannies of course. Better yet, if there is a health foods store, those generally have hotter girls than your average grocery store. The point is, you can always count on there being girls at the grocery store doing their thing, and they can always count on you being there doing your thing which is simply hitting on them while they do their grocery shopping.

Good luck boys!

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